FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera

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FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera

Price per unit: £2,395.20 inc. VAT

£1,996.00 ex. VAT

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FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera
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Price per unit: £2,395.20 inc. VAT

£1,996.00 ex. VAT

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FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR E6 is a professional-grade thermal imaging camera from the world leaders in thermography. Incredibly easy to use and offering fantastically crisp, clear images thanks to FLIR's patented MSX enchancement technology, the E6 is the multipurpose thermal camera for all applications.

Key Features of This Camera

  • FREE next working day delivery
  • Integral digital camera allowing the user to view digital and thermal images together/in context
  • No hassle warranty
  • FREE reporting software - FLIR Tools download
  • Temperature accuracy of -/+ 2%
  • Able to detect temperatures of between -20 to +250 degrees centigrade
  • Point and shoot operation - it couldn't be easier to operate
  • Significant improvment in IR resolution over the E5 - 160x120 pixels (the higher the resolution the easier to identify a problem)
  • Improved thermal sensitivity over the E5 - 60mK NETD - leading to improved accuracy
  • Download images to a PC
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries

Incredible Detail & Clarity

Unique to FLIR and offering significant imrprovements in clarity over similarly-priced (and even more expensive) competitors, the E6's MSX (multi-spectral dynamic imaging) technology enhances conventional images by blending them with a conventional digital image.

Conventional (i.e. non-FLIR) thermal cameras can be lower in quality leading to a more blurred, vague image. This, in turn, makes it much harder to determine exactly which feature or component on the object being scanned is at fault. MSX technology sharpens up the image dramatically, combining thermal image, digital image and temperature information into one.

When combined with the E6's high thermal sensitivity and high resolution, MSX allows the user to be even more accurate when pinpointing problematic temperature differences, even when dealing with small, intricate components.

The following official video from FLIR will show you exactly what we mean...


Ergonomic, Simple, 'Point & Shoot' Operation

Thermal imaging cameras of the past could be complex, fiddly and difficult to use - some lesser cameras still on. Not so with the FLIR EX range, however. The E6 is comfortable, user-friendly and supremely logical in its operation.

The ergonomic 'pistol grip' fits snugly into your hand - this combined with the E6's light weight but durable construction makes it a joy to use regularly and for long periods of time.

The auto-focus function means that the user can easily (and quickly!) lock in on the area of interest, no longer having to fiddle constantly, manually adjusting the camera's focus. What's more, all the controls for additional functions are conveniently and comfortably placed below the large, easy-read screen. Real thought and attention to detail has been put into the design and usability of the FLIR E6.

The Following Items Are Included...

  • FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Battery
  • Hardened Carrying Case
  • Info for Extended Warranty
  • Free Download of FLIR Tools Software
  • Data Transfer Cable (USB)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Info Booklet/Manual (On CD)

Technical Information

  • Brand: FLIR
  • Accuracy: TBC
  • Name: FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Length (m): N/A (Accessories)
  • Metric Measurements: No
  • Imperial Measurements: No
  • Blade Diameter (mm): N/A
  • Blade Material: N/A
  • Case Material: N/A
  • Hook Type: N/A
  • No. of Rivets: N/A
  • Standout (m): N/A
  • Range (m): N/A
  • Bullet Description: N/A
  • Weight (kg): 1.0000
  • SKU: E6

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