Telescopic Measuring Rods

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  • Nedo Messfix Telescopic Measuring Rods

    View our market-leading Nedo MessFix telescopic measuring rods. Tried-and-tested telescopic rules designed to measure openings. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5m lengths.

  • Nedo Messfix Measuring Rods With Points

    View our market-leading Nedo MessFix telescopic measuring rods with points. Specifically designed for use by roller shutter installers. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5m...

Telescopic Measuring Rods

We are the UK’s number one online retailer of professional measurement equipment, proud to bring you the widest selection of precision measuring tools on the web. Whether you’re a member of the UK construction industry or a keen home improver, we are the one-stop-shop for all your measuring equipment needs.  

 With customers including international companies, small, local tradespeople and members of the public we serve a diverse client base, supplying measuring equipment to companies in the UK and beyond. Regardless of your size or budget, we guarantee the same high level of service to each and everyone of you.

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What is a measuring rod?

We think a measuring rod is such a simple concept as to be almost beautiful. They have been in use for centuries and are thought to precede tape measures as the tool of choice for builders and surveyors in both ancient Greece and Egypt. In its simplest form it is a flat board, made of wood or metal, marked at regular intervals - imagine a school ruler and you have a pretty good comparison.

Today, the tape measure has overtaken the measuring rod for everyday measuring tasks; it’s small, easy to operate and carry, and super accurate too. However, there are many measurement jobs a traditional tape isn’t suited to - across wide spaces or gaps, for example. In these situations two people would usually be required to take the measurement - one holding the tape at either end - but this can prove inconvenient, error prone and it’s sometimes just plain impossible to do! Enter the modern-day measuring rod.  

Resembling its ancient predecessor in many ways, the measuring rod seen on work sites today has been developed specifically to measure where a tape measure cannot. A telescopic rod of metal or reinforced plastic housing an integrated tape, the modern day measuring rod is ideal for measuring across open spaces or vertical drops - both impossible to measure accurately on your own with just a tape. By extending the rod to the required length one person can take an accurate measurement in seconds. With a measuring rod it is possible to measure hard-to-reach places, overhead or across a span for example.

A great alternative to a tape measure, a measuring rod is a useful addition to your toolkit, regardless of whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast. Tradespeople who regularly measure at height or across gaps, for example window and door installers, will find them particularly useful, as will interior designers and blind or flooring fitters. In fact, anyone who occasionally needs to measure out-of-reach or awkward spans will find a measuring rod really useful. Good value and simple to use, they are a savvy investment and will prove their worth time and again.

Nedo measuring rods

Nedo have been manufacturing precision measurement equipment for more than a century and supply construction professionals in over a hundred countries worldwide. Placing special emphasis on intuitive design, Nedo aim to develop tools that are practical and simple to use, and reliable even under the most demanding conditions. Manufacturing a range of measuring equipment, including the market-leading mEssfix and Winkelfix ranges, this family-owned German company are constantly striving to make the professionals’ job - your job - that little bit easier.

The Nedo range of measuring rods is one of the most comprehensive on the market today. Comprising both analogue and digital models, general-purpose and specialist, budget and professional grade, there is a Nedo measuring rod to suit everyone. Developed specifically to tackle the jobs a traditional tape measure can’t, they are as simple as a tape to use. However, with practical additions including a quick rewind button, integral spirit levels and hold function, Nedo measuring rods take the tape to a whole new level.


The original and still the best, the mEssfix is Nedo’s market-leading analogue measuring rod. Available in a range of sizes, it is suitable for a range of general purpose measuring jobs where a tape just doesn’t ‘measure up’. Best for gaps or drops, the mEssfix is simple to operate, requires just one person and provides results accurate to Class II standards.

Messfix with points

Boasting the same great functions as the mEssfix but with the addition of ‘points’ at either end, this measuring rod has been specially developed for use by roller shutter and roller shutter blind installers.

Messfix S

Like the mEssfix - but bigger! The mEssfix-S range makes measuring the widest gaps and steepest drops child’s play.

MessTronic Easy

Digital technology is added to the best-selling mEssfix range, making this the most user-friendly measuring rod ever.