Technical help

Whilst we know tape measures pretty much inside out, there will be questions that even we can’t answer. Whilst our team are made up of former surveyors, engineers and tradesmen, only you know how you and your trade will use a tool.

To make things easier for you we’ve put together a list of tape measure manufacturers who are only too happy to provide free technical advice on everything from how to use your tape to how to care for it properly. Please do bear in mind that not all manufacturers provide technical support for their products over the phone in the UK. If you don't have any luck with the numbers or email addresses below you may have to consider contacting a head office in another country.

That said, here at The Tape Store, we're 100% committed to providing the very best service possible to our customers, past and present. If you're having difficulties with your tape and don't get any joy from the manufacturers please do get in touch through our Contact Page. We'll flex our muscle and see what can be done on your behalf...

Manufacturer Technical Support

  • Advent - 0845 555 0860
  • Bahco - 01709 731 731
  • BlueSpot - 0800 093 0115
  • Faithfull - 01322 321 415
  • Fisco - 01268 747 074
  • Hultafors - 01484 85 44 88
  • Irwin - 0844 412 1190
  • Lufkin - Details not currently available for the UK, contact us for support
  • Roughneck - 0118 951 1942
  • Stabila -
  • Stanley - 0114 291 7146

'How To' Videos

Coming soon to the tape store is a whole series of short videos showing you exactly how to carry out those everyday measurements with your tape measure... and the tricky ones too! Keep an eye out in our newsletters, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, of course, our website.