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Looking to promote your business? Our range of superior quality pocket tape measures are not your average promotional tapes... Professional quality, Class II accurate and featuring high quality, domed plastic labels rather than poor quality stickers, promotional tapes are available in 3m, 5m and 8m lengths and with a variety of features according to your budget.

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Own Brand / Promotional Tape Measures

As the UK's only dedicated tape measure specialist, it's no surprise that we are also the UK's leading supplier of promotional tape measures. Otherwise known as personalised tape measures or 'own brand', these tapes can be used to promote your organisation, to push or celebrate a particular event in its history (e.g. a special anniversary) or can even be sold over the counter under your own brand.

Whilst the vast majority of personalised tapes available on the UK market are sold by generic promotional goods suppliers (who supply everything from branded pens and USB sticks to notepads and work wear), here at The Tape Store, when it comes to customisation we only focus on tapes. And we're very, very good at it.

Unlike the generic tool retailers we focus solely on high quality tapes rather than the bargain basement, poor quality models most commonly found in the marketplace. If the promotional items you give away are of poor quality, look and feel cheap and deliver a poor user experience, what does that say about your business?

As the UK's measurement specialist we know our tapes and would never be happy supplying anything other than a professional quality tool. Our tapes should not be seen merely as cheap and cheerful giveaways but rather as genuine, tradesman quality tools at a fantastically low price. Whilst we also offer branded steel and fibreglass surveyors' tapes, all of the branded pocket tapes we sell meet the following criteria...

Branded pocket tape specifications

  • EC Class II accurate (that's as accurate as any Stanley or other premium brand tape)
  • Matt coated, anti glare blade
  • Self adjusting, rust resistant end hook
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic case (in many cases with a soft-grip rubber outer)
  • Strong, positive blade locking mechanism
  • Super clear markings printed in black and red
  • Full colour branding on premium quality, domed plastic labels
  • Printing included within the price on almost all models
  • In-house design service included free of charge on almost all models

What kind of tapes can we supply?

From low-cost hi-viz tapes offering exceptional value to money to premium quality, chrome-plated professional tapes featuring double-sided blades, Class II accuracy and hi-visibility, Nylon blade coatings, we offer a promotional or personalised pocket tape to suit all applications and budgets.

If a pocket tape isn't for you we also supply open-reel surveyors' tapes in both fibreglass and steel that can be branded with your own logo and contact details. Available in 30m, 50m and 100m lengths, these are produced by one of the World's leading tape measure manufacturers so you can be assured of their quality and reliability.

Premium branded tapes from Stanley

Whilst none of the major tape manufacturers actually produce their own range of own-brand or promotional tools, we are able to re-brand a wide range of Stanley (and other) tape measures to promote your business. Whether it's the classic and World-famous Stanley Powerlock, the Stanley FatMax Keyring Tape or even a heavy-duty FatMax site tape, we are able to remove the original labels and have your own version applied in their place. The fit, finish and overall impression is every bit as good as the manufacturer's original label.

Whilst these can be produced in almost any quantity you desire, it goes without saying that, due to the additional time and labour involved (and the higher cost of the tapes themselves), the overall cost will be higher. However, if you really want to make an impression on your customers then opting for an instantly recognisable, premium quality brand is certainly the way to go.

Because of the factors involved we have to quote for orders of this type on an individual basis. To get a quote simply call 0800 023 6200 or fill out our contact form.

Please note that this is not a service provided or endorsed by Stanley - this is merely an in-house service that we offer.

Own brand tapes

With the cost of producing your own line of tape measures running to a small fortune, its no wonder that countless British companies prefer to approach an existing tool manufacturer to produce or re-brand their tape measures on their behalf. We supply a wide variety of UK businesses with professional quality tapes, branded up to feature their own logo, colour scheme, slogan and/or contact details. These customers include major national chains to smaller (but equally valuable) local hardware stores, tool retailers and survey supply firms.

If you're a tradesman or construction/engineering professional yourself you'll know only too well how easily tape measures go missing. Whether a colleague 'borrows' one and never gives it back, whether leave your toolbox open on a busy site or simply forget where you put it... No matter how many you own there's never one to hand when you need it. Tape measures are constantly in demand.

Selling tape measures over the counter, therefore, is a complete no-brainer. All of our own brand pocket tapes come in a high-quality counter display tray, also branded up with your own company logo and colour scheme. You'll be amazed at how many people will add one (or a handful) to their basket at the till and, with your logo and phone number/web address taking pride of place, your company will be in front of your customers all day long.

All of the tapes on this page can be branded up with your organisation's details. Labels are high quality, domed plastic rather than the cheaper-looking paper stickers favoured by most retailers. Label design and printing is included within the price (unlike most of the competition) and there are no artwork or setup costs at all. Delivery is free of charge on almost all orders and the average lead time is just 2-3 weeks from start to finish.

Promotional tapes

The very best promotional gifts are those that are practical, usable and truly relevant to your business. A rubber duck or branded plastic cactus might look good but it'll be the first thing to be thrown in the bin after the trade show. Make a gift useful and, regardless of the brand or message you're promoting, it'll stay on your customer's desk or in their pocket.

For those in the construction, property, engineering, surveying, manufacturing or tool sectors, a high-quality, professionally branded tape measure is the ideal promotional gift. Always in demand and used on an almost daily basis, branded tape measures put your company's message in front of your customer whilst providing real, measurable (no pun intended) value to their every day jobs.

Our products can be used to build general brand awareness, or even to trigger an action (such as 'CALL 0800 XXX XXXX TO ORDER'). Either way they are certain to generate sales and repeat orders in the short to long term.

But don't just take our word for it... A number of surveys by the British Promotional Merchandise Association have proved a direct correlation between spend on promotional products and an uplift in both sales and overall brand recognition. Put your brand in front of people on a regular basis (in a relevant, useful way) and they will remember you. It's not rocket science.

Quite interestingly, these same surveys clearly demonstrated that 87% of those surveyed keep promotional items for longer than a year with 30% of them keeping them for up to 4 years. What's more, many respondents admitted that they would happily switch brand or retailer just to get a free gift!

Minimum order quantities

As with all promotional tapes there are minimum order quantities that have to be met in order to achieve the low prices quoted. All tapes, therefore, have to be ordered in multiples of a certain quantity. For some tapes that will be 48. For others it will be 72 or 120 and, for the 30m, 50m and 100m surveyors' tapes, it 's 5.


Being completely unique to your or your organisation, once designed these tapes could never be sold to anyone else. As a result we have to take full payment before any design or production work can take place. Whilst we understand that some people won't be happy paying for something before they've seen the finished article, this is 100% standard practice when dealing with made-to-order products such as these.

To get around this we provide a visual artwork 'proof' to all customers for their approval, comment or any changes they might like to make before going to print. You can therefore be confident that the finished article will be exactly as imagined.