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The Tape Store is the UK's No.1 Retailer of Long Tape Measures stocking an incredible selection of steel and fibreglass tapes. Frequently referred to as surveyors' tapes, these professional quality tools come from brands like Stanley, Bahco and Lufkin, range from 10m to 100m and are available with fantastic savings over RRP!

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Long Tape Measures

Commonly used by surveyors, setting out engineers, architects, landscaping contractors and other construction professionals, 'long tapes' are exactly what they sound like... long tape measures! Usually 15-20m or more in length, these tapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different trades and applications. Only you, the customer, can know exactly which one is right for you...

Here at The Tape Store we stock a variety of long tape measures, from 20m budget or every day models to the very latest, top of the line Stanley FatMax or open reel fibreglass tapes. Tapes like these are available in lengths ranging from 15 or 20m to the full 100m although the most commonly found lengths would be 30m and 60m.

Tape material varies between conventional steel and fibreglass. Steel tapes are generally found in what are commonly called 'closed reel' cases - quite similar to the typical pocket tape measure in that the entire blade is enclosed within a protective (usually metallic) case; the tape pulled back into the body, not by an auto return mechanism as with a pocket tape, but by a hand-wound crank on the outside of the case.

Fibreglass long tapes, however, frequently (but not always!) come in 'open reel' format. In other words, the reel around which the blade is wound is held together by an open, frame-like case and is therefore fully visible.

It goes without saying that there are pros and cons to both designs but the brief summary we've included below should help you along...

Closed Reel Tape Measures - Positives

  • Protective outer case safeguards the tape and helps prevent damage
  • Difficult for larger objects to get stuck within the mechanism
  • Ideal for internal measurements or those taken in clean environments

Closed Reel Tape Measures - Negatives

  • Can be difficult to keep the blade clean when working in a dirty/muddy environment... once the blade is dirty and is then reeled back into the case, a portion of that dirt (grit, sand, dust etc) can then be deposited within the case. This can lead to build up over time and can lead to jamming further down the line. Not usually a problem when used internally or in relatively clean environments.
  • Closed reel tapes generally (but not always) use steel for the manufacture of their blades. Depending upon the quality and nature of the material used, steel pulled out over long distances does have a slightly greater chance of bending, stretching or ripping if caught or snagged.

Open Reel Tape Measures - Positives

  • Open reel frame allows for easy cleaning of the tape measure. The blade can be wiped or washed down as it is being reeled back in with any dirt remaining on the blade being clearly visible and thus tackled. Because open reel tapes generally use fibreglass for the manufacture of their blades the entire tape can frequently be rinsed under a tap/hose. Please do consult the individual tape measure manufacturer before cleaning your tape.
  • The open frame also allows any chunks of dirt or stones or other debris to drop free from the mechanism thereby preventing jamming.
  • The fibreglass material generally used in the manufacturer of these tapes' blades is incredibly resistant to heat, stretching, tearing and water.
  • These tape measures usually come with a handy, ergonomic handle which allows them to be carried comfortably and reeled out with greater ease than a closed reel tape.

Open Reel Tape Measures - Negatives

  • When exposed to significant forces (very unlikely in the majority of applications), severe pulling motions or impacts may affect an open reel tape more than its closed reel counterpart. This is simply because the tape and mechanism is more exposed.

You will also find that the 'hook' is somewhat different to that which you'll find on a pocket tape. Long tapes will frequently have a folding metallic anchor-type hook that allows the user to dig one end of the tape into the ground or object they are measuring from. A useful feature for when you're working alone!

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