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The Tape Store is The UK's Leading Retailer of Stanley Tape Measures selling the entire range of FatMax, FatMax Xtreme, Powerlock and Tylon tapes as well as a range of Stanley fibreglass surveyors' tapes. With huge stocks, low prices, cheap delivery and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, why buy your Stanley tape measure anywhere else?

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Stanley Tape Measures

Whilst we sell many other brands of high quality tape measures, the brand we are most proud to be associated with is Stanley. Established in 1843 by Frederick Stanley and producing their first automatically recoiling tape measure way back in 1921, the Stanley Works merged with The Stanley Rule and Level Company in 1857 to form the basis of the world-famous hand tools manufacturer we know today.

How do you use your tape? What do you use a tape measure for and in what kind of environment do you use it? These are just a few of the many questions the team at Stanley ask their customers before developing a new product. By listening, by testing, by dropping tapes, bending tapes, twisting them and stretching them in the scorching heat, the dripping wet and the bitter cold, Stanley test and develop all their tools to be the very best they can be.

In buying a modern-day Powerlock®, FatMax™ or Tylon™ tape measure you're buying into over a 150 years of experience, know-how, research and development. You're putting your faith into what is the World's largest and arguably most innovative hand tool manufacturer.

We stock more tapes from Stanley than from any other manufacturer and there's a good reason for that. Whilst we make sure that all of our tapes are high quality and fit for purpose, Stanley has the lowest number of product returns out of all the manufacturers we sell. This includes returns for manufacturing defects and defects appearing too soon within a tape's working life. That's even more impressive when you consider that we sell almost twice the number of Stanley tapes than the next two best selling manufacturers put together.

Put simply, if you're looking for durability, reliability, quality, accuracy and peace of mind, you couldn't do much better than to buy a Stanley tape measure. If you're after another brand or perhaps you're not sure quite what type of tape you're after, why not browse through our tape measures catalogue?

Stanley Tylon Tape Measures

The Tylon range include 3m, 5m and 8m pocket tapes featuring both metric and imperial measurements. These tapes are not available in metric only form. The base model in Stanley's range, these tapes are far from budget despite their low price. The blade is made from high grade steel, all are class II accurate whilst the soft grip case provides a quality, comfortable feel not achieved by some other brands whilst also providingg added protection to knocks and scrapes. The full range of Stanley Tylon tapes can be seen here.

Stanley Powerlock Tape Measures

Think of a tape measure and most of picture the ubiquitous Stanley Powerlock ®... the famous chrome plated tape that has adorned work belts and toolboxes for decades. Our grandfathers used them, our fathers used them and, the chances are, a good many of us have used them too. What greater compliment can there be than for generation after generation to remain loyal to the same product? Naturally, this customer loyalty hasn't gone unnoticed at Stanley. Today more than ever the design of each tape that comes out of their doors is based around you, the loyal end user.

The Powerlock continues to feature a bright yellow blade with clear black and red markings as well as the world-famous chrome plated case. Nowadays, however, Stanley have abandoned the metal case substituting it for a more advanced impact resistant ABS plastic case. This should give no cause for concern - the Powerlock is still one of our most popular tapes regardless of length. The full range of Stanley Powerlock tapes can be found here.

Stanley FatMax and FatMax Xtreme Tape Measures

Widely thought of as some of the pocket tapes available today, Stanley's FatMax and FatMax Xtreme range of pocket tapes and steel surveyors' tapes are tough, robust and ergonomic making them ideally suited to those working outdoors, outside of workshop conditions. These tapes are used by construction and property professionals, surveyors and engineers throughout the world and for good reason!

Stanley Surveyors' Tape Measures

Stanley produce some of the World's most popular surveyors tapes from conventional closed case fibreglass surveyors tapes (both 30m and in metric/imperial or metric only forms) and closed case steel tapes (in standard or FatMax forms) to the ever popular 30m/100ft open reel fibreglass tape.