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As The UK's Only Tape Measure Specialist, The Tape Store is proud to stock a comprehensive range of Milwaukee tape measures. Incredibly robust, well made and ergonomic, these tapes are easily the match of Stanley's FatMax Xtreme range. All come with great value delivery and our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Milwaukee Tape Measures

One of the USA's best known manufacturer's of hand and power tools, Milwaukee has always been a byword for quality and durability. Their range of tape measures, new to the UK in 2014, is no exception. In terms of quality and durability there really is very little that comes close... In fact, the manufacturer themselves boast that the average Milwaukee tape will last 10 times as long as the nearest competitor.

All Milwaukee tapes sold through The Tape Store (the UK's only tape measure specialist) feature Nylon Bond Blade Protection - a revolutionary new way of protecting the blade from abrasion and of protecting the user against sliced fingers when the tape recoils. Furthermore, the case is reinforced in 5 separate positions delivering maximum protection against the drops, knocks and scrapes that are commonplace in the modern work site.

The innovative 'Finger Stop' sites just behind the point where the blade exits the case. A simple idea but a great one, this completely prevents your fingers from the impact of the end-hook, speeding back into the case at a rate of knots. The end hook is yet another key innovation of the Milwaukee range with all models having a multi-direction (able to hook objects at 360° around the blade), dual-magnetic hook. The first magnet allows the user to keep the blade securely in place when measuring to the front or back of an object (e.g. when measuring up to studs or from the end of a length of steel). The second magnet holds the blade on top of an object, stopping it from rolling off as would a conventional tape measure (e.g. when measuring pipework, threaded bar and so on).

Not satisfied with making a tape as revolutionary is this already is, Milwaukee have added a 1:50 architects' scale inset into the rear of the blade to help make scaling from drawings and the calculation of materials based on drawings a breeze. The blade itself is printed on both sides - the top is a conventional horizontal scale as per any other tape measure. The bottom features the same measurements/scales albeit in a vertical scale. In other words, the numbers are oriented the other way making it much easier to read the blade when taking vertical measurements without bending your neck.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the new products confirm Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity.