Komelon Tape Measures

As the UK's Tape Measure Specialist we're proud to stock the full range of premium quality Komelon tape measures. Stainless steel, auto-lock, fibreglass and steel surveyors' tapes in lengths from 3m to an incredible 100m; all are EC Class II accurate and all are built to last with the professional user in mind. With great value delivery and our usual fantastic savings on orders of more than one, why shop anywhere else?

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Komelon Tape Measures

Looking for a premium quality, professional tape measure? Look no further! Our extensive range of Komelon tape measures comes in lengths from 3m to 50m, in steel, stainless steel and fibreglass and to suit all applications and budgets.

With countless patents to their name and a long history of fast moving product development in the field of tape measures, Komelon have firmly established themselves as one of the most forward thinking, premium tape measure manufacturers in the World.

Why makes Komelon different?

It's no surprise that every tape manufacturer on the market will try to tell you why their tools are so much better than everyone else's. We've heard it so much we become desensitised and just let it wash over us.... With a Komelon tape measure, however, things are a bit different. There's real, genuine innovation involved with features such as...

  • Fully de-burred blades helping to avoid cut fingers... not something you find even with some of the major American brands
  • Highly durable mechanism designed to provide solid, reliable service
  • Dura NY nylon coating for all blades that prevents nicks (thereby reducing the chance of corrosion) and minimises the effects of abrasion (leading to a dramatic reduction in wear of printed markings and numbers)
  • Ultra crisp printing making it much easier to be accurate than with your average pocket tape
  • Stainless steel used in a number of their tapes to reduce corrosion
  • Hi-visibility blade coatings available on some tapes - ideal for working in lower light or muddy conditions
  • A particularly high 'strand count' in their fibreglass tape measures providing extreme strength and resistance against stretching
  • Strong belt clips to help keep your investment safe and sound
  • Quite incredible levels of standout with the widest, 27mm blades achieving 4.3 metres vertically
  • EC Class II levels of accuracy right across the range

Pocket tapes

There are five separate models of pocket tapes in the Komelon range, each quite distinct, designed for a different user, budget or application and all with their own unique features.

Whilst none of the range could remotely be called 'entry level' (every one of these tapes could easily be classified as 'professional') the first in the line up is the Pro Ergo R. This ergonomic, durable tape comes in two lengths - 5m/16ft an 8m/26ft. As with all tapes from this manufacturer, both come with metric and imperial readings along the blade's length. The blade is protected by a layer of nylon Dura NY Coat to provide up to 15x the protection of a standard tape an is enclosed within an ABS impact-resistant plastic case with a rubber moulded grip. A 'pause' button is built into the bottom of the case to slow or temporarily halt the blade's return.

Next up is the Pro Ergo C Hi-Viz featuring the same blade properties (including lengths and widths) of the tape above. This tape, however, features a dual printed blade, ideal for taking vertical measurements without bending your neck through 90 degrees and even for taking overhead measurements from below. It also features the added advantage of a superior internal mechanism and an attractive chrome-plated case.

The Powerblade II is a hugely durable tape featuring all of the advantages of the tape above with the bonus of significantly improved durability, wider blades (leading to longer standout) and a magnetic, multi-directional end hook.

The Self Lock does exactly what it sounds like... the blade automatically locks in position when extended, only returning into the case once the button is depressed. The blade is slightly narrower (25mm instead of 27mm) than the Powerblade but it retains the magnetic end hook, hi-viz coating and dual-sided blade.

Last but by no means least is the Inox - a tape that is, in our humble opinion, the first truly heavy-duty stainless steel site tape on the market. Obviously, being manufactured from stainless steel the Inox (which comes in 5m/16ft length only) is completely resistant to corrosion. All elements that are not rubber, plastic or Nylon are made from stainless steel - that's the blade, the spring, the screws, the end hook, the blade protector and the belt clip.

Surveyors' tapes

Available in lengths ranging from 30m to a whopping 100m and in both steel and fibreglass, the Komelon range of UniGrip surveyors' tapes offer outstanding value for money for such a quality tool. Both fibreglass and steel variants come in an open-reel format making them easy to keep clean and free of debris.

The fibreglass version comes in 30m, 50m and 100m lengths and features both metric and imperial markings. All tapes in this range are certified to EC Class II standards of accuracy and features such as a heavy-duty, impact resistant case, high speed geared winding mechanism, dual coloured blade (to avoid confusion) and advanced blade protection coatings come as standard. A double coating of clear PVC allows the UniGrip fibreglass to resist tearing and wear up to 40 times better than lesser competitors.

Almost identical in design (albeit with a steel blade rather than fibreglass), the UniGrip steel tapes come in 30m and 50m lengths and come complete with de-burred edges as well as all those features mentioned above.

The history of Komelon

Established in Korea in 1963, Komelon were the first manufacturer to make so many of those technological and products advances we take for granted today including...

  • The very first fibreglass surveyor's tape
  • The first tape with a magnetic end hook
  • The first true self-locking (or 'auto lock') tape measure