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Did you know we're the UK's No.1 Retailer of British Made Fisco Tape Measures? With a fantastic range of tapes from just 3m/10ft and coming in both EC Class II and super-accurate Class I, Fisco have an excellent reputation for accuracy and reliability. With low prices, cheap delivery and Money Back Guarantee, why go anywhere else?

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Fisco Tape Measures

A measuring tools manufacturer since 1939, Fisco have been producing precision tools in their UK factory for over 70 years. From humble beginnings, today's Fisco produces over a thousand fully verified and accuracy-assured tape measures every single hour.

Unlike many tape manufacturers, Fisco spend an extraordinary amount of both time and money on research, development and, crucially, testing to ensure that the tape measures you buy are made as accurate as humanly possible. Their bespoke digital inket printing process can create tape markings that are nearly twice the accuracy of some other brands and their laser checking apparatus can verify accuracy down to approximately 0.001mm!

Accuracy is obviously first and foremost on Fisco's list of priorities but that's not the only thing they consider when designing their tapes. Buy a Fisco tape measure today and you'll end up with a British-made tool that's not only precise, it's also rugged, durable and ergonomic to boot.

If a Fisco tape isn't what you're after why not check out our full catalogue of tape measures from some of the world's other top manufacturers?

Fisco Pocket Tapes

The Tape Store stocks an excellent range of Fisco pocket tapes ranging from the 3m Tuf-Lok to the 8m Big T - Fisco's answer to Stanley's FatMax Xtreme. All Fisco tape measures are designed with comfort in mind. They're all comfortable to use on a regular basis and many feature soft grip outer cases. All feature high-grade steel blades and come in either metric/imperial or metric only forms. Unlike many other brands, Fisco tape measures show real thought and attention to detail in their construction - just little things but things that make the professional user's life easier on a daily basis.

Fisco Surveyors' Tapes

Whilst we don't currently display our range of Fisco surveyors tape measures on our site, we are able to supply any tape from the current Fisco range in quantities from 1 to well into the thousands. We're currently working towards actively stocking the full range of Fisco surveyors tapes from the new Class I accurate CC and CX range to the Pacer, Prospector and so on. These tapes are available in lengths from 10m to 100m. If you would like to order one of these tapes please do get in touch.

Fisco Class I Tape Measures

Unlike the other tape manufacturers (such as Stanley etc.) who mass produce pocket tapes, Fisco make a substantial number of super-accurate, Class I accurate tapes including the Tri-Matic 5m/16ft and the Big T 8m/26ft. You can find out whether a particular Fisco tape measure is Class I accurate by checking out the technical information at the bottom of that product's page. Alternatively, for a full list of all our Class I tape measures, why not visit this page? These tapes are ideal for those for whom accuracy is absolutely essential including cabinet makers.