BMI Tape Measures

As The UK's Measurement Specialists, The Tape Store stocks the UK's largest range of tape measures from the hugely respected German firm, BMI. From multi-function pocket tapes to high end steel and fibreglass surveyors' models, all of these incredibly innovative tools deliver exceptional measurement performance and come with first class customer service, great value delivery and our 100% money back guarantee as standard.

Did you know that almost all BMI tapes can be customised? Looking for zero to start 100mm up the blade? How about a different end hook/loop, a weighted end piece or a stainless steel blade? No problem! Simply consult the tables towards the bottom of this page and get in touch for a quote.

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BMI Tape Measures

Famed for their reliability, excellent build quality and warranty, BMI is a private German company owned and run by the same family for over six decades. In their own words, the phrase 'made in Germany' means everything to them. Their main aim is to manufacture precision measurement tools that represent everything that phrase suggests... quality, durability, innovation and attention to detail.

Practically unique to BMI, almost every single tape on offer here can be customised to your heart's content. Found a fibreglass tape that you'd like in steel or a Class II tape that you'd like in Class I? No problem. How about a conventional tape that you'd like with an offset-zero commencement (i.e. where the zero mark starts 100mm up the blade)... again, no problem. Customised tapes are made to order and, whilst they can take between 2-3 weeks to be delivered, they deliver a combination of quality, functionality and attention to detail practically unmatched by other manufacturers.

Pocket Tapes

From the incredibly innovative Pico (a rule, tape and level in one), the internal reading and radius marking Viso and stainless Vario R to the more conventional Chrom and twoComp series, BMI pocket tape measures are all marked by two things - quality and attention to detail.

The BMI head quarters in Germany is a state-of-the-art production and design facility with an almost fanatical focus on quality control - something that's clearly reflected in the tools that come out of it. All of this firm's pocket tapes are ergonomically and thoughtfully designed making them both a pleasure to use and providing additional usability.

Many tapes within the range can be customised and supplied as promotional/branded tapes (fairly large minimum order quantities will apply.

Surveyors Tapes

Whilst most manufacturers produce 'catch all' tape measures designed to appeal to the majority of users, BMI do things a little differently. Instead they choose to offer a staggering range of options that allow the user to customise their surveyor's tape to precisely their requirements. From the scale and the commencement point to the blade material and the ending type (hook, loop, weight etc.)... almost everything is possible with a BMI tape measure.

Whilst this doesn't cover all of the available options, the following graphics should give you an idea of just what is achievable with this incredible company...

Scales / Graduations

The standard scale for the UK is that marked 'cm/inch' below. Similar to the vast majority of metric/imperial tapes on the market, one side features the metric scale, the other side features the imperial. The metric is marked in centimetres (no millimetre graduations) whilst the imperial is marked in inches and fractions of inches.

All of the following scales are available on a special order basis in almost all materials as listed below. Lead in times are generally 2-3 weeks maximum from ordering.

BMI Tape Measure Scales

Commencement Type / Position

The tapes stocked by The Tape Store feature a 'B' commencement by default keeping our BMI tapes in line with those from the mainstream competitors. However, other commencements are available on a special order basis (the offset zero 'A' commencement is particularly popular) on a 2-3 week lead in time.

BMI Tape Measure Commencements

Ending/Hook Type

Not something generally considered by your average tape measure manufacturer, BMI offer a variety of endings to suit your particular application. Despite what the image below would suggest, all BMI tapes kept in stock by The Tape Store feature the 'BHF' ending as per the diagram below. In our experience this is by far the most popular and flexible ending, most usable in the real world.

That said, other hook/ending designs are available on request with a 2-3 week lead in time.

BMI Tape Measure Endings

Blade Material

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a surveyors' tape is blade material. By default, BMI tapes stocked by The Tape Store come in either yellow enamelled steel ISOLAN (2nd from the left) or fibreglass (far right). We've chosen to stock these particular tapes because they most meet the requirements of the UK market. It goes without saying, however, that the blade material can be customised to suit your exact application.

BMI Tape Measure Material