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As The UK's Tape Measure Specialists, The Tape Store is proud to stock a range of great value tape measures from the British firm Advent. From the truly innovative Gap Tape and the double-sided Vice Versa to the incredibly well-priced surveyors' tapes. With low prices, cheap delivery and a 100% Money Back Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?

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Advent Tape Measures

Advent Tools specialise in producing some of the UK's most innovative and forward thinking tape measures. Their most impressive offerings are undoubtedly their range of professional tradesmen type tapes that are arguably unmatched for value in today's market.

Whilst quality and reliability are at the forefront of thinking at Advent, this kind of quality does have a price to match! Easily matching some of the much larger brands for engineering and innovation, Advent's tape measures offer real and (forgive the pun) measurable value based on a foundation of genuine quality.

Pocket Tape Measures

Advent produce some of the best value and unique pocket tape measures on sale today. The Advent 2-in-1 Gap Tape is practically unique in that it can be used to take both internal and external measurements. The top side of the blade takes conventional measurements whilst the bottom side of the blade takes the length of the case into account and is ideal for internal measurements.

The Advent Vice Versa tape features measurements on both the top and the bottom of the blade. In doing so it is ideal for those who want to measure objects above their head whilst reading the tape from below. Granted there are other tape measures that do these things but they generally cost considerably more money than the Advent models. Few meet the same levels of quality.

The Advent Master Precision is a super-accurate 5m/16ft pocket tape certified to EC Class I standards. In other words it's as accurate as it's possible for a tape measure to be. The heavy duty construction, soft rubberised grip, wide, matt-coated blade and robust end hook make this tape the ideal companion for those for whom accuracy is paramount.

Surveyors Tape Measures

Advent's fantastic range of fibreglass surveyors' tape measures are made from impact resistant ABS plastic and featuring clearly-printed fibreglass blades, these tapes come in 30m, 50m and 100m lengths and are ideal for construction professionals or all others needing to use a long, waterproof tape measure outdoors. These tapes come with an open frame (or open reel) type case which makes cleaning and maintaining them nice and easy - simply rinse off under a tap after use to clear away any mud or debris. These tapes offer exceptional value for money but shouldn't be confused with some of the lower quality, flimsy surveyors' tapes on the market.

Their range of steel surveyors' tapes really help set Advent apart from the competition. Only more expensive brands such as Fisco and Lufkin tend to offer steel, open reel surveyors' tapes of this type. Advent, however, have been determined to break the mould. Their 30m and 50m, EC Class II accurate steel tapes offer exceptional value for money combined with superb build quality at a far more favourable price.