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Looking for a tape measure from a particular manufacturer? Here at The Tape Store, The UK's Tape Measure Specialist, we understand that many people prefer a specific brand, whether that's due to their durability, their accuracy or some other characteristic. As a result, and to make it easier for our customers to find what they're searching for, we've organised our tape measures by brand.

With 1,000s of tapes in stock from the likes of Stanley, Milwaukee, Fisco, Hultafors, Irwin and more, we're confident you'll find the tape you need here. If you don't please just get in touch - we'll see what we can do. With huge range, all the major brands and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?

If you're looking for a tool from a specific manufacturer, simply click the relevant link below to view their products.

  • Advent Tape Measures

    Click here to view our range of Advent tape measures. From double-sided tapes to the Gap Tape, these are innovative tools designed with the user in mind.

  • Bahco Tape Measures

    Bahco produce extremely high quality, superbly engineered tape measures, ideal for the professional or discerning user. From 5m to 100m in all materials.

  • Blue Spot Tape Measures

    Blue Spot produce a wide range of budget pocket tapes at an incredibly low price. Ideal for those buying in bulk, these tapes are available in 5m, 8m & 10m lengths.

  • BMI Tape Measures

    High quality German tape measures from this hugely respected manufacturer. Focusing on quality and innovation, both pocket and surveyors tapes are available.

  • Boddingtons Electrical

    Boddingtons Electrical, as the name might suggest, produce non-conductive tape measures in 3m lengths, ideal for use around high voltage electricity.

  • Builders Brand

    Looking for a robust 5m tape but don't want to carry around a bulky, heavy builder's tape? Check out the new Pocket Giant - the world's smallest 5.5m tape!

  • Draper Tape Measures

    Coming soon to The Tape Store, a wide range of high quality tape measures from the well-respected British firm of Draper. Contact us for more information if needed.

  • eTape Digital Tape Measures

    eTape have designed and manufactured a range of revolutionary conventional steel tapes with advanced, multi-function digital displays. View the range now!

  • Faithfull Tape Measures

    Our selection of Faithfull tape measures delivers excellent value for money, usability and innovation for the average user. Click here to view the full range.

  • Fisco Tape Measures

    Manufactured in the UK, Fisco is a byword for quality and, above all, accuracy. With the majority of Fisco pocket tapes being Class 1, they're a hard act to follow.

  • Hultafors Tape Measures

    Famous for producing extremely high quality, highly innovative tools, Hultafors' tape measures are no exception. Their marking tapes are particular popular.

  • Irwin Tape Measures

    Irwin, a well-respected American firm of hand tool manufacturers, produces high quality tape measures for the professional user. Available from 3m to 8m.

  • Komelon Tape Measures

    Professional quality pocket, site and surveyors tapes from this incredibly innovative manufacturer. From 3m hi-viz pocket tapes to 100m fibreglass tapes.

  • Lufkin Tape Measures

    This world-famous American manufacturer produces a whole host of high quality surveyors tapes, pocket tapes and even oil gauging or dipping tapes. Click to view...

  • Milwaukee Tape Measures

    Producing some of the most advanced, innovative and durable heavy-duty pocket tapes on the market, Milwaukee has fast become one of our more popular brands.

  • Roughneck Tape Measures

    Designed with the professional and discerning amateur in mind, Roughneck tapes are durable, shock proof and non slip and come in sizes from 3m to 10m.

  • RST Tape Measures

    The British firm of RST produces a range of everyday quality surveyors' tapes, from 10m to 100m and in both fibreglass and steel. They offer excellent value for money.

  • Silverline Tape Measures

    Our Silverline range of budget tapes offers exceptional value for money for those looking to buy in bulk. From 3m pocket tapes to 50m surveyors tapes, all at low prices.

  • Stanley Tape Measures

    The biggest and oldest name in tape measures, Stanley produce the world's best known and favourite tapes. From the Powerlock to the FatMax, we have them all.

Tape Measure Brand

This section divides its tape measures up according to their brand or manufacturer. From Stanley and Fisco to Milwaukee and Irwin, we've got them all. Looking for a tape you don't see here? Just get in touch and we'll do our best to find it for you.