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As the UK's Only Tape Measure Specialist, we're proud to supply more types of tape measure than anyone else. From 2m right up to 100m and beyond, we stock and supply to order tape measures of all lengths (metric only or metric/imperial) from all the major manufacturers. With great value delivery, fantastic low prices and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, it's no wonder we're the nation's no.1.

To refine your search, simply click on a category below to view tape measures of your chosen length.

  • 2m / 6ft Tape Measures

    From keyring tapes to diameter tapes, 2m (6ft) tapes are quite rare but, thanks to their small size, are superbly practical and very handy. Click here to view...

  • 3m / 10ft Tape Measures

    Looking for a 3m pocket tape in either metric only or metric/imperial form? We have 3m tapes from all the major brands to suit all budgets and applications.

  • 5m / 16ft Tape Measures

    The most popular length of tape sold in the UK today, our 5m tape measures come in metric/metric-imperial forms, steel or stainless and from all the major brands.

  • 8m / 26ft Tape Measures

    Offering greater length and flexibility than a 5m tape, our 8m / 26ft tape measures come in metric or metric/imperial, steel or stainless and from all major brands.

  • 10m / 33ft Tape Measures

    Whether it's a 10m heavy-duty pocket tape or a 10m steel or fibreglass surveyors' tape, we've got 10m tape measures to suit all budgets and applications.

  • 15m / 50ft Tape Measures

    Not the most common length of tape measure, nevertheless these 15m surveyors' tapes offer excellent value for money. Visit this section to view our range...

  • 20m / 65ft Tape Measures

    Our 20m surveyors' tapes are available in both fibreglass and steel forms and deliver precision measurement for a great price. Click here to view the full range.

  • 30m / 100ft Tape Measures

    By far the most popular length of surveyors' tapes, we supply a huge range of 30m tape measures in steel, fibreglass and stainless steel to suit all budgets and tasks.

  • 50m / 165ft Tape Measures

    That bit longer and more useful than a 30m tape, our range of 50m tapes delivery quality, precision measurement at a price to suit all budgets. Click to view...

  • 100m / 330ft Tape Measures

    The longest standard tape measure that we sell, our super-long 100m tape measures are available in fibreglass off the shelf or steel/stainless to order.

Tape Length

The single most important factor when it comes to choosing a tape measure is the length of the tape or 'blade' itself. Too short and it quite simply won't do the job. We've made it so simple for you to find exactly the tape you're after by splitting them out according to length.

Looking for a 3m pocket tape? No problem. How about a high-end 10m builders pocket tape or a 100m super-tough fibreglass surveyors' tape? Simply click on the item above that most closely matches your requirement and you'll be shown all the tapes we currently stock that come close.

If there's a particular tape or tape measure type that you want but don't see on our website don't worry - simply get in touch and we'll do our best to hunt it down for you.