Class 2 Tape Measures - EC Class II

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Class 2 Tape Measures - EC Class II

As the UK’s only dedicated tape measure specialist, we stock more top quality Class 2 tape measures than any other UK retailer. Granted you might find a few more listed on some of the large tool sites but generally a great deal of them show as ‘out of stock’.

The majority of good quality pocket tapes (i.e. those from recognisable brands with healthy R&D budgets and quality control procedures) sold in the UK are what’s called ‘EC Class II accurate’. Class 2 is an independent tested standard laid down by the European Community that provides strict rules as to what tolerances a tape measure must achieve before it can be classified as a certain level of accuracy. There are three levels of accuracy on the EC accuracy scale – Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

Class I tapes are the most accurate commercially available tape measures on the market. As a general rule you can expect to see an error (at 20°C and a pulling force of 50N for a steel tape) of no more than ±1.1mm over a 10m length. Class 2 tapes see a slightly larger potential error of around ±2.3mm over the same length. Class III tapes are slightly less accurate but are still more than sufficient for your average user.

We have Class II tape measures to suit all budgets and applications. What's more they consistently outsell all other types year after year. And for good reason! Not only are they more than accurate enough for most users, they come in all lengths, are fit for all manner of different applications and come at a price to suit every pocket.

Which manufacturers produce Class II tapes?

There are a huge number of manufacturers who produce Class Two tape measures. Here at The Tape Store, however, we only sell those we can be sure stand up to our high quality and reliability standards. As a result we sell Class 2 tapes from Stanley, Bahco, Fisco, Irwin, Hultafors, Lufkin and Advent.

How accurate is a Class 2 tape measure?

Well, to help you out we've put together this easy to understand table. This shows you the possible maximum error you should see at a temperature of 20°C and a pull force of 50N for a steel tape and 20N for a fibreglass tape.

Blade Length(m)EC Class I(mm)EC Class II(mm)


± 0.3

± 0.7


± 0.4

± 0.9 


± 0.6 

± 1.3 


± 0.9 

± 1.9 


± 1.1 

± 2.3 


± 1.6 

± 3.3 


± 2.1 

± 4.3 


± 2.6 

± 5.3 


± 3.1 

± 6.3 


± 5.1 

± 10.3 


± 10.1 

± 20.3