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If you thought that all tape measures were equal you'd be wrong... one tape measure is not necessarily as accurate as another. Whilst your average 'bargain basement' tape will be unclassified (i.e. its accuracy cannot be traced to any known standard), most professional tapes are Class 2. Others are Class 1 - the highest level of accuracy available. Whilst Class 2 tapes are ideal for the majority of users, some professions require that little bit extra... for them only a Class 1 tape will do.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our team so, if you have any questions at all regarding tape measure accuracy, please do get in touch. As The UK's Only Tape Measure Specialist and with our great prices, fast delivery and 100% Money Back Guarantee, it's no wonder we're the nation's number one choice.

Whichever level of accuracy you require, to view all tapes of that type simply click one of the links below.

  • Class 1 Tape Measures - EC Class I

    Class 1 tapes are the most accurate tape measures on the market. Ideal for precision trades and sensitive industries, they also delivery great value for money.

  • Class 2 Tape Measures - EC Class II

    We supply a huge range of EC Class 2 accurate tapes, ideal for trades people, construction and engineering professionals. All major brands at great low prices.

Tape Accuracy

More and more these days, specific industries and applications demand a tape measure that's manufactured to a specific standard of accuracy. Don't be fooled into thinking that all tapes are equal - that's simply not the case.

Your average cheap tapes in the bargain bin of your local DIY store are unclassified and should only really be used for putting up the odd picture or shelf in your home. Your average professional tape will be EC Class 2 accurate (all Stanley tapes, for example, are Class 2) but other firms, such as Fisco, focus more on accuracy than durability. Their tapes are, on the whole, Class 1 accurate.

For more information on exactly what we mean by Class 1 and Class 2, simply visit either of the two sections above. At the bottom of each page is a block of text and a table that explains the difference between the two classes.