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Buy Stanley Powerlock tape measures from The UK's Only Tape Measure Specialist! The chrome-plated, yellow-bladed Powerlock is the world's most recognisable tape measure... and our best selling range! Available in 3-10m lengths, metric and imperial, with next day delivery and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?  

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Stanley Powerlock Tape Measures

It's no exaggeration to say that the Stanley Powerlock range of tape measures are the most popular and most recognisable pocket tape in the World. Stanley have been manufacturing high quality tape measuring instruments for over 165 years but, in terms of popularity and quantity sold, the this could be the pinnacle of their achievement.

Driven by quality, accuracy (all are EC Class II accurate) and innovation, Stanley have developed the Powerlock range from its introduction in 1963 to its current incarnation. 45 years ago, in recognition of its quality, NASA selected this tape to become part of the equipment used on the lunar landing mission of Apollo 11. Since that time quality, accuracy and functionality have increased significantly; something that provides buying confidence to hundreds of thousands of Stanley customers every year.

Now as with then the familiar shape, chrome case and yellow blade of the Stanley Powerlock tape is a byword for reliability, accuracy and quality throughout the World. You know what you're getting when you buy a Powerlock and that's why The Tape Store sells more of these than any other tape measure in our extensive range.

Stanley Powerlock & Powerlock Micro Tape Measures (3m to 8m)

The chrome-plated Powerlock and Powerlock Micro tape measures are the best selling tape measures on The Tape Store for good reason. Not only do they come with proven quality and accuracy, they also offer fantastic value for money for a professional tool.

The yellow, easy-read blade is protected by Stanley's patented BladeArmor technology for the first three inches whilst the entire blade is then coated with a Mylar protective Polyester film. Both of these coatings serve to prolong the life of your tape over the average professional tape measure. All tapes in this range feature excellent standout (over 2m regardless of length) and a conventional and corrosion resistant, self-adjustable hook. The blade is then held in place securely by a positive feel blade lock that, unlike some lesser tape measures, prevents slipping during measurement. This is held in place by no less than three rivets to provide additional strength.

Whilst previous incarnations came with a steel case, Stanley (as with almost all other tape manufacturers) have moved towards impact-resistant, ABS plastic cases. Not only does this make the product lighter, it remains durable whilst also making it cheaper to produce. By keeping production costs a low they and we are able to sell our Powerlock tapes at fantastically low prices!

The 'Micro' moniker simply refers to the slightly more compact case that some of today's range comes with. Rest assured there is no difference in terms of quality or accuracy - far from it. These tapes will just fit a little more comfortably into the palm of your hand whilst measuring.

Stanley Powerlock Classic Tape Measures (10m)

Only available in 10m / 33ft (metric and imperial) guise, the shape of the Stanley Powerlock Classic tape will be familiar to us all. Slightly more angular than the standard Powerlock range with a slightly larger case, this tape features an ABS plastic (impact resistant) case, a Mylar coated blade for maximum protection, a Tru-zero, self-adjusting end hook and much more.