FatMax and Xtreme Tape Measures

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Stanley FatMax and FatMax Xtreme tape measures... perhaps the ultimate production tape measures on the market today. As The UK's Only Dedicated Tape Measure Specialist, we're proud to stock the entire range. To compare up to 3 click 'compare' next to those you're interested in and hit 'compare products' at the top right.

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FatMax and Xtreme Tape Measures

Stanley has been producing hand-held measuring equipment since the middle of the 19th Century. Whilst the tape measures they produced back then were good, as you might expect the new batch of Stanley tape measures are a real cut above! Stanley's FatMax and FatMax Xtreme tape measures are right at the top of the current model range and come with features that other tape measure manufacturers can only dream of.

Stanley FatMax Tape Measures - 5m to 30m

Most FatMax tapes sold in the UK today are conventional pocket tapes. Available in metric only and metric / imperial, these high quality tapes are available in 5m, 8m and 10m lengths. All standard FatMax tapes (i.e. not the FatMax Xtreme range) come with 32mm wide blades for greater readability and, on average, blade standout to around the 3.2 metres mark. More than enough for most users!

The blade also comes with Stanley's patented 'BladeArmor™' coating for the first 11cm+ of the blade (the part that receives most wear and tear over the tape's life). The rest of the tape is coated with a Mylar polyester clear film that helps to prolong the life of the entire blade.

The blade of all FatMax pocket tapes, regardless of length, is tipped by what Stanley calls a 'multi-catch' hook. In other words, instead of a conventional end hook which points only downwards, the FatMax hook features prongs pointing up, down, left and right. This provides maximum versatility for users who may want to measure from above, below and so on. The hook is also corrosion resistant, Tru-zero and features three rivets for additional strength.

The FatMax range of tapes, as with almost all tape measures on sale today, has seen a decisive move away from using metal in the bodies of its tapes. The advantages of this have been clear... not only are the tapes lighter (a real plus point when dealing with a tape as long as 8-10m), they are also more resistant to knocks, scrapes and damp/muddy conditions. The bi-material, cushioned case is comfortable to use, non-slip and practical in that the blade lock button is position at the top/front making for easy locking and unlocking.

Stanley also produce a great range of FatMax Surveyors' tapes that we're proud to stock. In buying a 30m FatMax tape measure you can be sure you're getting the same level of quality, innovation and attention to detail as you'd expect from a pocket tape from the same range.

Stanley FatMax Xtreme Tape Measures - 5m to 30m

 If you thought a standard FatMax tape measure was advanced, wait until you experience Stanley's awesome range of FatMax Xtreme tapes! These incredible tapes come with many of the same features as the FatMax tapes whilst also sporting some that take them to the next level in handheld measuring.

Blade standout is class leading at 4m for all models, partly due to these tapes' super-clear, 32mm wide blades. The hook at the end of the blade is still a Tru-zero, self-adjustable, three rivet, multi-directional, corrosion resistant hook but, with the FatMax Xtreme, this hook is a full 150% larger than on a conventional Stanley tape measure. To top it off, Xtreme tapes feature a high visibility yellow blade unlike that found on any other Stanley tape. This makes it ideal for those working in muddy or low-light conditions.

Stanley's patented AirLock™ rubber slide lock makes locking and unlocking the blade a breeze whilst also providing additional impact resistance. Staying with the theme of durability, the chrome-plated, impact-resistant ABS plastic case comes complete with a durable (and comfortable) rubber grip. If you're looking for a pocket tape that will stand up to prolonged heavy use in demanding conditions then you should look no further than the Stanley FatMax Xtreme tape measure range.