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As The UK's Tape Measure Specialists, The Tape Store stocks an extensive range of the most popular tape measures in the UK. From Stanley's entry level but well-made Tylon (available in 3m, 5m and 8m lengths) and the world-famous Powerlock tapes to the super-durable FatMax and FatMax Xtreme - we stock them all. All tapes are very well priced, come with great value speedy delivery and our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Looking for a tape measure? Look no further.

  • FatMax and Xtreme Tape Measures

    Widely believed to be some of the strongest, most innovative and robust tape measures on the market. From 5m to 30m in both steel and stainless, we've got them all.

  • Stanley Powerlock Tape Measures

    The most recognisable tape measures in the world, the Stanley Powerlock even formed part of the kit on NASA's Apollo 11 space missions. From 3m to 10m.

  • Stanley Tylon Tape Measures

    Stanley's Tylon range of pocket tapes offer a combination of durability, accuracy and excellent value for money, all from the world's most recognisable tape brand.


This section of our website divides our tape measures up according to their popularity. Our most popular tapes from Stanley are grouped according to their range such as the Stanley Tylon, Stanley Powerlock and Stanley FatMax and FatMax Xtreme. Looking for a particular tape that you can't find on our website? Please just get in touch.