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As The UK's Only Dedicated Tape Measure Specialist, we pride ourselves in being able to source tapes to suit almost every need. Due to the curious mix of metric and imperial measurements used in the UK it is very difficult to find imperial only products. That said, we do have certain suppliers who can provide these tapes in larger quantities.

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Imperial Only Tape Measures

Despite the United Kingdom using what we call the Imperial measurement scale for hundreds of years, the second half of the Twentieth Century saw the inevitable rise in the metric system first introduced across the Channel by Napoleon I in 1812.

A number of industries and trades in the UK have continued to rely on the imperial system - the system of inches, feet, yards and furlongs are still firmly entrenched in our nation's pysche and form highly recognisable parts of industries such as carpet fitting, horse racing, railway engineering and so on.

As such, whilst Imperial measurements are being used less and less every day, the United Kingdom still uses a curious mix of both metric and imperial measurements. As a result we are one of the few countries on Earth where tape measures are sold with both metric and imperial graduations!

The vast majority of tape measures sold today in the UK have feet and inches on the top, millimetres, centimetres and metres along the bottom. There are those people, however, whose minds work purely in Imperial and therefore prefer a tape measure that does the same.

Are you looking for an Imperial-only tape measure?

We are able to source Imperial only tape measures from the United States albeit in larger quantities. Because we need to ship them in specifically, it becomes financially nonviable to purchase just one or two. Furthermore, our suppliers may well refuse to provide a price based on just a handful of tapes due to the slim chance of them getting an order. Shipping from the USA for just a few tape measures can prove very expensive. When looking at larger quantities, however, it can frequently become more attractive.

If you would like a quote for a specific Imperial/English tape measure in quantities from one running into the thousands, please do get in touch.

Please Note - Whilst we do not stock a range of Imperial-only tape measures at this time we do have a fantastic range of Metric/Imperial tapes. These can be found here.