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As The UK's Tape Measure Specialist, we supply tape measures in all scales and measurement type. Whether it's a metric only, metric/imperial, imperial only or engineers' scale tape, we either stock them or can source them directly from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Whichever type of scale you're looking for, simply click the relevant link below to view all tapes of that type.

  • Metric and Imperial Tape Measures

    Ideal for those working with both metric and imperial units, metric/imperial tapes are available from Stanley, Fisco, Milwaukee, Irwin and more. Click to view...

  • Metric Only Tape Measures

    We supply a wider range of metric-only tapes than any other UK retailer. From Stanley to Fisco and Milwaukee, metric-only tapes are easy to read and great value.

  • Imperial Only Tape Measures

    Only available as special order items and ideal for firms ordering in larger quantities, we can source precisely the imperial-only tape for your business.

Measurement / Scale

After length, the most important consideration when choosing a tape measure is the measurement scales printed on the blade (or 'tape'). You may think that there are just the two scales out there for the UK market... metric only and metric/imperial. You'd be wrong! Whilst these are, by some margin, the most popular scales on the market, some niche firms also supply tape measures with an engineering scale (10ths of inches, 10ths of feet - otherwise known as decimal feet or inches) which are popular with oil and aerospace industries amongst others. Some others (predominantly American firms such as Lufkin) supply conventional imperial only tapes with inches divided into 16ths.

Whilst we stock a huge range of metric-only or metric/imperial tape measures for same day despatch, we also source and supply more specialist tape measures for businesses throughout UK, Europe and the world. If you have a requirement for a tape measure that little bit out of the ordinary please do get in touch. We guarantee to do our best to help.