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As The UK's Measurement Specialists, we supply a wide range of precision rules to the nation's amateur, professional and industrial users. From heavy duty steel rules and bench measures for industry to scale rules, folding wooden rules and safety rules for professionals, we even supply plastic shatterproof rules in bulk quantity to schools and other educational establishments.

All our tools are well priced and come with great value delivery and our 100% Money Back Guarantee as standard. What's more, we can offer fantastic discounts over and above those advertised on our website for bulk or wholesale orders.

  • Steel Rules

    Click here to view our range of steel, stainless steel and aluminium rules from the world's top manufacturers. Available in a range of lengths and prices to suit all...

  • Scale Rules

    Click here to view our comprehensive range of premium quality scale rules from the UK's major manufacturers. Available in both steel and plastic. 

  • Folding Rules

    Click here to browse our comprehensive range of wooden, plastic and metal folding rules from the UK's foremost manufacturers. Available in a a varity of scales and...

  • Line of Chords

    Click here to view our range of line of chords rules. Ideal for measuring lengths, circumferences and angles thanks to the innovative scales.

  • Safety Rules

    Click here to view our comprehensive range of plastic and metal safety rules, specifically designed to minimise the chance of injury when cutting/marking.

  • Bench Rules / Counter Measures

    Click here to view our selection of bench rules - ideal for craftsmen and estimators, these rules can be screwed down to a bench to become a permanent feature.

  • Surveyors Rods

    Click here to view our range of traditional, folding surveyors rods ideal for measuring in restricted areas or when working alone.


As The UK's Measurement Specialists, it's no wonder that The Tape Store stocks one of the UK's largest and most comprehensive ranges of rules. From scale and steel rules to safety rules, shatterproof rules, folding rules, line of chords rules and even folding surveyors' rods, we stock a vast array of products from many of the world's leading manufacturers.

Whilst the word is becoming increasingly digital, we've seen little reduction in the demand for these top quality, manual precision measurement tools. Whilst many things can be done on screen, countless trades and professions demand the traditional rule, either as a backup or even as their primary tool.

From Stanley and Fisco to Stabila, Faithfull and Blundell Harling, at any one time we have thousands of rules on the shelf ready to be despatched. What's more, unlike the competition, we offer unbelievable discounts based on quantity with fantastic reductions provided on each item when buying just one more. As a result we're the chosen suppliers of countless businesses, individuals, schools and universities throughout the UK.

If there's a particular type of rule that you're looking for but can't find on our site please do get in touch.