Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter Survey BLD8800-S

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Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter Survey BLD8800-S

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Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter Survey BLD8800-S
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Price per unit: £1,016.40 inc. VAT

£847.00 ex. VAT

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Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter Survey BLD8800-S

The Protimeter MMS2 Basic Survey (BLD8800-S) features a comprehensive range of additional accessories that delivery enhanced functionality and flexibility whilst on site. These include a Hygrostick, Hygrostick extension lead for accessing difficult to reach areas, a set of deep wall probes and a copy of Protimeter's datalogging software with accompanying cable.

Arguably the most advanced, all-in-one moisture meter available for building diagnostics work, the Protimeter MMS2 incorporates the very latest in moisture detection and measurement technology from the global leader in moisture meter design. Existing users will wonder how they ever managed without one whilst new users will wish they'd upgraded sooner.

The MMS2 incorporates all the key functions of the rest of the Protimeter range in one flexible package. Pin-type measurement, Pinless (non-invasive) measurement, air humidity measurement, sub-surface moisture measurement, dew point calculation and surface temperature... The MMS2 does it all.

The most common users of this device include...

  • Building surveyors (frequently RICS)
  • Flood and fire restoration firms
  • Architects
  • Housing associations and landlords
  • Property developers
  • Concrete flooring specialists
  • Painters and decorators
  • Boat, caravan and motor home specialists

Protimeter MMS2

Key Features

Offering very real benefits for the advanced user over the standard package, the BLD8800-S 'Basic Survey' comes complete with a whole host of additional accessories.

Whilst all MMS2 models come complete with the Hygrostick ST (short) which is ideal for taking airborne relatively humidity measurements, the 'full' Hygrostick that comes with the BLD8800-S is designed for more demanding environments and applications such as taking %rh measurements in concrete flooring. The extension leads that accompany the Hygrostick makes it much easier to access those more difficult to reach areas and make everyday %rh measurements easier and more comfortable. The deep wall probes allow for testing further into a wall/cavity whilst the MMS datalogging software and USB cable allows the user to take multiple readings from a single area, logged against date/time and viewed on a PC.

The main benefits of this package include...

  • Simple, comfortable and easy to use
  • Comes with a great range of accessories at a considerable saving off list price - provides significant added usability
  • Fast-reacting hygrometer - quick and easy surveying
  • Large, easy to read colour LCD supply
  • Quick and easy measurement and comparison of surface temperature vs. dew point of that surface
  • Includes both pin-type and pinless (non-invasive) forms of measurement - ideal for advanced surveying and conservation applications
  • Carries out Pyschometric calculations
  • Comes with MMS2 Datalogging Software allowing the user to take advantage of the MMS2's datalogging abilities


Ultimate Measurement Functionality

Arguably the most advanced, 'all in one' building diagnostics moisture meter available today, the Protimeter MMS2 includes pin measurement, non-invasive (scanning) measurement, an infrared (IR) thermometer and a thermo-hygrometer by default. These measurement modes are summarised below...

Invasive Pin-Measurement

The more accurate of the two conventional moisture measurement functions on any device, pin (or invasive) measurement involves gently pressing two pins into the surface to be measured. The results are displayed as a figure on the %WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) scale and, as such, will be instantly and easily interpreted by a building surveyor or other construction professional. The user has the option of using the built in short pins/probes to take such a reading or using the the deep wall probes (included) to assess moisture levels further inside a structure.

Non-Invasive Scanning Measurement

When working in sensitive or protected environments, it can sometimes be frowned upon (or even banned entirely) to insert pins into valuable materials. Whether it's a particularly cherished wallpaper, centuries old wood panelling or simply a particularly concerned client, some customers simply will not allow pin-type measurement in their properties. The MMS2's scanning mode lets the user to scan large areas quickly, looking behind wall and floor coverings (e.g. tiles, wall papers, laminate and wooden flooring, plasterboard, masonry etc.) searching for areas of concern. Any areas flagged up as being of particular significance can then be assessed for possible invasive measurement thereafter.

IR Thermometer Measurement

The infrared thermometer built into the Protimeter MMS2 measures surface temperature remotely - i.e. without the need for any contact with the wall/surface being measured. The integral laser-pointer shows the user exactly where the device is measuring whilst the full colour screen displays the following information...

  • Surface temperature
  • Prevailing dew point temperature
  • Difference between the surface temp. and the dew point temp.

Relative Humidity Measurement (%rh)

The short QuickStick (an integral thermo-hygrometer sensor) can be used to measure airborne relative humidity quickly and easily. The 'full' Hygrostick included in the BLD8800-S package allows the user to take relative humidity readings in harsher, more critical areas such as in concrete flooring etc. Readings range from 0-100% rh (relative humidity) with dew points for the material being measured also being displayed.


  • Dimensions - 190 x 94 x 56mm
  • Measurement range - 8-99% WME (invasive) and 0-999 relative (non-invasive)
  • Measurement depth - 12.7mm (invasive) and 19mm (non-invasive)
  • IR surface temperature range - -20 to 80°C
  • Quickstick ST0% to 10% RH, ±3% RH | 10% to 90% RH, ±2% RH | 90% to 100% RH, ±3% RH | Range of 0 - 50°C
  • Data storage - 8,000 measurements (max) - all stamped with both date and time

Your shipment will include

  • 1 no. Protimeter MMS BLD8800
  • 1 no. protective pouch
  • 1 no. QuickStick Short
  • 1 no. Hygrostick
  • 1 no. Hygrostick extension leads
  • 1 no. deep wall probes (127mm/5")
  • 1 no. datalogging software
  • 1 no. USB cable for connect/download to PC
  • 1 no. heavy duty moisture probe
  • 1 no. 9v battery
  • 1 no set of instructions
  • 1 no. self calibration check
  • 1 no. 2 year warranty
  • FREE next working day delivery

Technical Information

  • Brand: Protimeter
  • Accuracy: TBC
  • Name: Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter Survey BLD8800-S
  • Length (m): N/A (Laser)
  • Metric Measurements: Yes
  • Imperial Measurements: Yes
  • Blade Diameter (mm): N/A
  • Blade Material: N/A
  • Case Material: N/A
  • Hook Type: N/A
  • No. of Rivets: N/A
  • Standout (m): N/A
  • Range (m): N/A
  • Bullet Description: The all in one moisture meter Includes additional accessories Surface & sub-surface moisture Relative humidity and more
  • Weight (kg): 0.2830
  • SKU: BLD8800-S

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