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Moisture Meters / Damp Meters

Moisture meters, sometimes known as damp meters, are specialised yet versatile tools ideal for use in a wide range of commercial and domestic situations. Their purpose is simple; to measure the percentage of water in a particular substance. While their role is primarily investigative the versatility of a moisture meter becomes apparent in the wide range of construction and maintenance jobs they form an essential part of. The damp meter undertakes one of the most important functions of any measuring tool - the results it generates can stall or propel building projects, sink or sail boats, and clinch or scupper house sales.

What is a moisture meter?

A moisture meter is a diagnostic tool used to identify and measure the presence of water within other materials, such as wood, plaster and brick. They were developed primarily to identify the presence of water in wood structures but are frequently adept at diagnosing the presence of moisture in other building materials as well (depending upon the specific model).

They are useful in a range of situations but are most commonly used for the following:

  • assessing the level of moisture in a material
  • establishing if a structure is letting in water
  • tracing the source of a leak/damp

The versatility of a moisture meter becomes apparent when you consider a selection of the scenarios is it useful in. For construction professionals a damp meter can be used to determine a wall's suitability to be painted, wallpapered or replastered. For caravan and motorhome owners, it is useful for assessing levels of damp in vehicles that have been stored for long period of time. For damp remediation specialists (including damp proofing contractors and surveyors) a damp meter can be used to help determine whether a damp proof course has failed and needs replacing.

There are a range of methods employed to identify the presence, the levels and the location of moisture but electronic damp meters, like those we stock, are especially useful because they offer great value for money and are predominantly non-invasive and non-destructive. This is extremely advantageous in situations where a diagnosis needs to be made without damaging the surroundings, for example a house that’s currently occupied, a property with listed features (such as ancient wooden panelling or wall paintings) or a caravan or boat that is being prepared for sale.

How does a moisture meter work?

Damp meters don’t actually measure damp. What they are doing, however, is measuring electrical resistance created in a material by the presence of moisture.

Most moisture meters achieve this by using pins. The meter features two metal pins which are either pressed gently against or inserted into the material to be tested. The meter measures the resistance of electricity between the pins and generates a numerical result which represents the percentage moisture content of wood (%MC) which can also be translated into a reading for wood moisture equivalent (WME) when measuring a different material, such as brick or concrete.  

Average readings on the %MC and WME scales (figures provided as a guide only):

  • Wood 0-40% maximum
  • Masonry - 0-5% maximum

In wood rot sets in above 20% but doesn’t feel wet to the touch below 30%. As an example a softwood like pine, from which most of the world’s timber is manufactured, would be classed as ‘saturated’ if a reading of between 28-32% was returned.*

The WME percentage for masonry is so much lower because heavy materials have a lower capacity to hold moisture than lighter materials, like wood.

More sophisticated models may also feature a totally non-invasive function which uses scanning technology to measure the electrical capacitance of a material a certain distance beneath the surface. By placing the meter against the material a reading will be returned; the higher the reading, generally the higher the moisture content.

It can also be useful to a use a combination of pin and scanning testing if using a moisture meter with dual functionality. By starting an investigation with the non-invasive method a tester will be alerted to the presence of water or not. The tester can then apply the pin method to confirm whether the moisture is sub-surface (deep inside the material) or at the surface.

As well as numerical readings most moisture meters also feature an easy-to-read coloured scale which moves up or down through the warning colours depending on the level of moisture present. This is a handy function for quick reference or to narrow down a large area for further investigation.

Why use a moisture meter?

Whilst the benefits of using a damp meter may be apparent you might be wondering how you could use a damp meter in the course of your work or leisure time. The following are a range of the most common uses for a damp meter and illustrate really well the versatility of this powerful little tool.

Building surveys 

Whether you’re an estate agent, chartered surveyor, landlord or property developer a damp meter is an essential piece of kit. Property professionals take damp meter readings routinely during the course of property valuations and inspections. The value of this data cannot be underestimated - a house with a known damp problem can lose resale value, a renovation project that uncovers damp can be brought to a halt because it can be damaging, not to mention dangerous, to the overall structure. In both cases failure to identify and treat the cause of damp can prove extremely costly.

Around the house

If you’re a homeowner a damp meter is a handy tool to have too. It can be used for a range of jobs around the house, including checking logs are dry enough to burn on an open fire and for routine maintenance jobs which might involve moisture, for instance tracing a leak or checking for rising damp.


Builders and civil engineers employ moisture meters on a range of site jobs, including detecting water in structures, building materials, floors and timber.


Structures built mainly in wood are prone to springing mystery leaks and can also suffer from severe condensation. Items, like caravans, static holiday homes or boats, that spend their working lives out in the open are prone to suffer from moisture related problems. They are also very expensive items to buy in the first place so if you’re a boat or caravan owner a damp meter will help preserve the life and value of your investment.

Our range of damp meters

At The Tape Store we only stock one brand of damp meter but, like so many of our carefully selected products, we firmly believe it is the best in its class. Protimeter, a division of the multinational corporation General Electric, have been manufacturing meters for over fifty years and, in their quest to constantly improve and develop their range of damp meters, have risen to be the market leaders.  

Protimeter have built a reputation for high quality, precision measurement instruments and these are qualities reflected in the meters we stock.

All meters come complete with carrying pouch, insulated extension pin probe and deep wall probes, full instructions for use and Protimeter’s famous 2 year warranty. 


Our website contains only a small selection of Promtimeter’s extensive range so if you have a specific damp meter in mind but can’t see it in this section please get in touch. The same goes for meter accessories and spare parts - whether you’re looking to purchase a hammer probe or just some replacement pins - we’ll be delighted to supply these too.

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That’s why, alongside great customer service, we offer free delivery and a no-quibble 100% money back guarantee on our range of moisture meters..  

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