Trumeter Measuring Wheels

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As The UK's Measurement Specialist, The Tape Store is proud to supply the full range of Trumeter measuring wheels. World renowned for their quality, accuracy and balance, Trumeter are the leading manufacturer of road, rail, indoor and off-road measuring wheel. With low prices, 5* service and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, why shop anywhere else?

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Trumeter Measuring Wheels

For more than fifty years Trumeter has been developing and producing linear distance measurers that have stood head and shoulders above the competition. Established in 1937 in the city of Manchester, the firm originally manufactured mechanical length measuring equipment for the textile industry that was so much a part of life in the North of England at that time. The engineering prowess used in the development of those products was later to be used to produce their range of world-famous road, rail, land and internal measuring wheels now used by surveyors, architects, construction professionals and academics the world over.

Advances in the field of electronics later saw Trumeter develop one of the world's first digital measuring wheels; a giant step forward in measuring wheel technology that eventually led to the high-end, professional, multi-functional digital measuring wheels you see today. Whether it's the metric-only Trumeter 5500 Measuremeter measuring wheel, the metric/imperial Trumeter 5505E Measuremeter or the Trumeter 5600E Mini Measurer designed for indoor use; all of these digital tools find their origins in the lessons learnt during the early days of the firm. 

It is this experience combined with an almost obsessive focus on quality and customer satisfaction that gives us the confidence to proudly stock the entire range of Trumeter measuring wheels. And don't just take our word for it... Today, besides being the world's leading manufacturer of measuring wheels (including rail wheels, land wheels, road wheels & more), Trumeter produce measurement and control components for some of the world's largest and best known vehicle producers. Whether you drive a Ford, Audi, Jaguar or even an Aston Martin or Range Rover, the chances are your car has control components designed and manufactured by Trumeter.

Measuring Wheels for the Road

Trumeter have developed a number of measuring wheels designed specifically for use in a highway environment. Generally categorised by smooth, balanced, medium-diameter, rubber-tyred wheels and designed with comfort and precision in mind, these wheels can be split into analogue wheels and digital.

The Trumeter 5000 Road Measurer (5000-611) sets the standard for the professional road wheel thanks to its robust metal construction, superb accuracy, fold away stand and rock-solid metric analogue readout. The 5000 is used by architects, surveyors and construction professional throughout the world and is by far the best selling measuring wheel in the range. Ideal for sustained outdoor use in demanding environments, the 5000 really is the professional's wheel of choice. The Trumeter 5500 Measuremeter (also analogue and metric-only) is a high-quality, intermediate level wheel offering fantastic value for money. 

If it's a digital model you're after then there are two models to choose from. Members of the 5500 Measuremeter family, all are strongly constructed and come with a retractable stand, telescopic handle for easy carriage, a pointer to indicate the start position, a free carrying bag and a readout that's visible even in bright sunlight. On one hand the 5500E Measuremeter provides metric only readings whilst, on the other, the 5505E Measuremeter offers both metric and imperial (yards / feet and inches) readings at the touch of a button.

Measuring Wheels for Land / Off Road

The Trumeter 5041-511 Land Measuring Wheel is a robust and superbly engineered wheel designed for off road measurement over rough and undulating terrain. The large circumference, spoked design makes light work of farmers' fields (it being mandatory to measure land anually to qualify for subsidies), large potential development sites or areas of scientific interest. These wheels are particularly popular with agricultural workers, land surveyors and valuers, academics and house builders/developers.

Measuring Wheels for Indoors

Specifically designed for indoor use thanks to its small diameter (25cm) wheel, the Trumeter 5600E Mini Measure is a metric-only, digital measuring wheel packed full of advanced functionality. Not only is it accurate to ± 1%, it also comes with an electronic brake, a telescopic handle, a backlit digitial screen for low light conditions and a screen that's clear even in bright sunlight.

Measuring Wheels for the Railway

Soon to be listed on our site but available as special order items right now, Trumeter's range of single-reading and dual-reading rail measuring wheels are seen as the standard for rail track measuring throughout the world. Please get in touch if you are interested in obtaining a quote.

1 Year Warranty

As you would expect from a company of their standing, Trumeter's warranty is second to none. All their measuring wheels come with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. The Tape Store is your point of contact should the wheel develop a fault during the warranty period. We will deal with your warranty claim on your behalf taking all stress out of the situation.

Calibration Services

All Trumeter measuring wheels can be calibrated by Trumeter either before you take delivery or periodically (e.g. every 12 months to comply with ISO, Link-Up or other audits). If you would like to purchase a calibrated measuring wheel (or would like to get a Trumeter you already own calibrated) please get in touch. All certificates are traceable to National Standards, only the latest and most advanced calibration equipment is used and only genuine spares are used when necessary.

Service & Repair

As a key Trumeter retailer, we are ideally placed to get your Trumeter measuring wheel serviced or repaired. For more information on our range of service and repair services please do get in touch.