Optical Levels / Dumpy Levels

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As The UK's Measurement Specialist, we're proud to stock the full range of automatic optical levels (known as dumpy levels) from Leica Geosystems. Respected and used throughout the World for their accuracy, durability and excellent value for money. From the entry level Jogger and professional Runner levels to the ultimate construction level, the NA700 series, all Leica dumpy levels bought from The Tape Store come with Free Next Working Day Delivery, a class-leading warranty and our 100% Money Back Guarantee. With all these advantages, why shop anywhere else?

  • Leica Jogger Levels

    Available on their own or as part of a kit, Jogger levels are affordable yet still provide the quality and reliability you'd expect from Leica. Click here to view...

  • Leica Runner Levels

    Offering excellent value for money combined with superior build quality, these precision construction dumpy levels are available on their own or as part of a kit.

  • Leica NA300 Levels

    Brand new for 2016 and offering exceptional value for money, Leica's NA300 series dumpy levels are available in 20x, 24x and 32x, on their own or as a kit.

  • Leica NA500 Levels

    Brand new for 2016, Leica's NA500 series of professional construction dumpy levels deliver durability, usability and pinpoint accuracy on their own or as a kit.

  • Leica NA700 Levels

    The ultimate construction dumpy levels used throughout the world, Leica's NA series levels are highly durable, superior quality, high precision optical levels.

  • Levelling Accessories

    Looking for a tripod in aluminium or fibreglass? Or perhaps a telescopic leveling staff to complement your dumpy level? Click here to view quality leveling accessories.

  • Dumpy Level Kits

    All kits include a Leica dumpy level, a genuine Leica tripod and a German Nedo 5m levelling staff. Save money over buying the components separately.

Optical Levels / Dumpy Levels

A dumpy level, so-called for its compact design, is a tool used for optical measurement in the surveying and general construction industries. This versatile piece of equipment is used for a range of measuring jobs including setting out, landscaping, profiling and general levelling tasks. As such the dumpy is a popular choice with surveyors of all disciplines, civil engineers, landscape gardeners, builders and general contractors.  As well as being extremely user-friendly these optical level instruments automatically self-level after a reading is taken saving time on laborious measurement jobs on site and elsewhere.

A cheaper option than a laser level but offering superb accuracy and value for money, an automatic level makes an excellent choice for construction professionals and surveyors looking to invest in a quality piece of kit that will stand the test of time and the rigours of the most demanding environments.

Why buy from us?

As the UK’s leading online retailer of specialist measurement equipment we pride ourselves on selling only high quality, reliable and precision tools to our customers.

We’re also proud of the long-lasting relationships we forge with our customers and the high levels of repeat business we achieve. The Tape Store provides measuring equipment to companies large and small, in the UK and abroad: everything from large multinational corporations to local tradesmen, from public sector organisations to engineering contractors.

As well as stocking the UK’s widest selection of measurement equipment, from tape measures to surveying tools, our customers buy from us time again for three key reasons...

  • Unrivalled customer service
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Our Team Know Your Tools

Our friendly and experienced team, many of whom have construction or engineering backgrounds, understand our products inside out. Because of this they understand what you need from your tools; precision, durability and reliability. At The Tape Store we stock measurement products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. With the quality on offer we’re confident you’ll return to us time and again.

First-Class Treatment

At the Tape Store we ensure that, just like our products, your entire buying experience is first-class. If you buy the best we believe you should only receive the best service. That’s why, alongside our superb customer service, we offer free delivery and a no quibble 100% money back guarantee on our range of levels.

Free Delivery On All Levels & Levelling Kits

If you purchase a level or levelling kit your order automatically qualifies for next-day free delivery in the UK (between 8am and 5pm). This offer applies to all orders sent to addresses in England, Wales and 'mainland' Scotland.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Under our 100% money back guarantee if your purchase doesn’t arrive in perfect condition or it’s not suitable for the job you had in mind we’ll provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Leica Automatic Levels

Visit any construction site in the world and you’re likely to come across Leica Geosystems’ distinctive red and yellow livery. The number one manufacturer of precision measuring tools Leica are the choice of construction professionals the world over for their reliability, pinpoint accuracy and value for money.

You demand the best so we only provide the best and this is the reason why The Tape Store only sell Leica dumpy levels. We’re proud to stock the Jogger, Runner and NA700 ranges of automatic level. Developed by Leica’s experienced design team and using only the most advanced Swiss technologies all Leica levels have been tried and tested in the field by professionals just like you.

Each of Leica’s range of automatic levels suit a broad range of construction and industrial applications. Available in a choice of magnifications, featuring super-smooth automatic compensators, with a 360° field of operation, they are fully IP rated, boast Leica’s world-famous 1 year warranty and come with full customer support.


Offering fantastic value for money the Jogger range is best-suited to general construction tasks, including levelling, profiling and landscaping.


The Leica Runner range is robust enough to withstand even the toughest construction sites and is a popular choice with civil engineers, construction professionals and surveyors.


Described by Leica as ‘best in class’ the NA700 range offer the ultimate in optical level technology and design. Leica’s most accurate and toughest construction level, fully waterproof, operational in most light conditions and built to withstand just about anything, the NA700 range rate among the best optical levels in the world, if not the best.

Levelling Kits

Many of the levels we sell also come as part of a kit. Levelling kits make a great choice for two reasons. They contain all the tools you need to kickstart your levelling jobs, including a dumpy level, tripod and measuring staff, plus they offer attractive savings over purchasing the same items individually.


To complete your purchase we have a comprehensive selection of Leica dumpy accessories, including tripods for safe mounting of your optical level and adjustable levelling staffs. We also stock a range of specialist levelling accessories, including non-conductive levelling staffs, for construction professionals and surveyors working in close proximity to water or electricity.