Leica Rugby Lasers

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The toughest rotation lasers for all manner of construction and site engineering applications, our range of Leica Rugby lasers are the first choice among construction professionals throughout the world thanks to their durability, accuracy and value for money. Incredibly simple to operate with superb performance thanks to Leica range of battery packs and Rod Eye receivers, there's a Rugby rotating laser for everyone.

All rotating lasers sold through The Tape Store come with free next working day delivery, excellent after sales service and our 100% money back guarantee as standard. With this level of service, why shop anywhere else?

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Leica Rugby Lasers

For years Leica Rugby lasers have been the rotary laser level of choice amongst the world's construction and engineering professionals. When you consider their class-leading durability, reliability, brightness and range it's not hard to see why. The Leica Rugby range, regardless of the model chosen, delivers exceptional performance combined with the very best in warranty and after sales support and, of course, fantastic value for money.

Quicker, more robust and more reliable than the competition, a Rugby lets you square, level and align quicker and more easily than ever before. This saves you time which, in turn, saves you money. What's more, their operation is now so simple (the Rugby 610, for example, is operated by just one button) that even a relatively inexperienced user can become a master operative in no time. Leica's motto for these levels? 'No mistakes possible'.

Which models can we supply?

Due to their popularity we focus primarily on those models that meet the requirements of the majority of UK users. The Rugby 610, 620, 810 and 820 are by far the most popular models in the Rugby line up and it's not difficult to see why. Their combination of functionality and value is hard to beat.

That said, we do stock other models ranging from the 640, 670 and 680 right up to the 840. If you're not sure which model is right for your application why not drop us a line? A member of our hugely experienced technical staff can walk you through the various models, advising you on the ideal model for you. It may be that you've been considering an expensive laser level when a cheaper one might deliver all the functionality you need...

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Which accessories do you need?

Well, all rotary laser levels will need a tripod, a levelling staff and a laser detector (sometimes referred to as a receiver). Without these accessories your expensive laser level is rendered useless. A medium or lightweight conventional survey tripod (not a camera tripod - the threads and mounting plates are completely different) will be fine as will a conventional levelling staff.

You can add a great value, high quality and genuine Leica aluminium tripod and/or a 5m levelling staff to your order simply by ticking the relevant boxes at the top of each Rugby's page.

With all Rugby lasers you have a choice of laser detectors (or Rod Eyes) depending upon the level of functionality you require and your budget. Upgrading your Rod Eye is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way of improving your laser's productivity. Whilst the Rugby 610 comes with the Rod Eye Basic as standard, for example, simply by upgrading to the Rod Eye 140 it becomes significantly quicker and easier to locate the beam. The result is, as suggested, enhanced productivity.

The pros and cons of each Rod Eye is clearly outlined on each Rugby's product page and we would urge you to spend a few minutes choosing the right one before making your purchase. As with the other accessories, you can upgrade your package's standard Rod Eye to an improved model simply by ticking the relevant box on the product page (see below).

Leica Rugby Upgrades

Which battery pack should you buy?

Certain models in the 600 range come with alkaline batteries as standard. Ideal for those who only use their laser levels occasionally or those who are on a budget, these models take standard D-Cell alkaline batteries, the kind that can be bought from any major supermarket. For those using their levels on a fairly regular basis, however, we would always recommend upgrading to a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and charger.

A far more advanced and sophisticated way of powering your Leica Rugby, the reasonable cost of the upgrade is easily offset by not having to buy large quantities of D-Cells over the life of the instrument. The same lithium ion battery can be charged again and again for a number of years. What's more, by purchasing an additional battery you need never run out of battery power on site again.

It's also worth bearing in mind that alkaline batteries should always be removed whilst the unit is stored. If alkaline batteries leak they can do significant and costly damage to your investment. There are no such issues with the lithium ion upgrade.

How rugged do you need your level to be?

At each level/standard the Leica Rugby range is more durable and better able to resist the elements than its nearest competitor. Whilst the Rugby 600 range is IP67 protected against water and dust ingress, the 800 series features military-grade IP68 protection backed up by a two year knock down warranty. If you're working on a busy site then accidents will invariably happen. The 800 series is designed to carry on working whatever is thrown at it, resisting drops, knocks and even full immersion in water.

Operating range

In its basic form when coupled with the Rod Eye Basic the Rugby 610 has a working range (diameter) of 500m. On the whole the range of each model increases as it does by upgrading to a more advanced Rod Eye detector with the 810 and 820 topping out at a quite incredibly 1,100m (diameter).


The functionality of each laser varies quite significantly making it vital that you clearly consider exactly what you may want to use your laser level for before choosing. Whilst the Rugby 610 and 810 are both conventional self-levlling horizontal rotation laser levels, the 620 and 820 also allow for a single-axis manual slope to be set. More advanced Rugby models can be turned on their side to cast a vertical beam whilst others even feature a remote control system that automatically adjusts the grade according to the position of the detector.

Not sure which model is right for you?

No problem. Whilst the majority of retailers sell vast numbers of products, never fully understand complex instruments such as these, the same is not true of us. Simply drop us a line on 0800 023 6200 and a member of our highly experienced team will be more than happy to help.