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Leica Lino Lasers

Time consuming, fiddly, error-prone. Just some of the words that come to mind when thinking about traditional methods of internal levelling and alignment. The main reason these tasks entice a collective groan from professional and amateur workers alike are the tools involved. Plumb bobs, string lines and levels - you need an extra pair of hands just to manage them.

But not anymore.

They might have been good enough back in the day but twenty-first century construction demands twenty-first century tools. Leica's range of Lino lasers relegates the bob, line and level to the tool box once and for all.

A laser level removes the need for old fashioned measurement methods and tools, utilising sophisticated dot or line technology to take readings. By using the simple ‘point and click’ function an operator can complete a range of measuring jobs, many of them hands-free. For more complex jobs lasers can self-level and measure over long distances through advanced optical lenses.

Internal layout lasers are an essential piece of kit for tradesmen for whom accuracy is crucial. Kitchen fitters, plumbers, electricians and construction workers use them on a daily basis.

Leica Lino Lasers

A world leader in the manufacture of precision measurement instruments, Leica are known and respected by professional and domestic users everywhere. Accuracy, quality, versatility and reliability are words synonymous with Leica products and the Lino range is no exception. Mark our words, these little lasers provide big bang for your buck; saving you time and money on what have traditionally been tedious, labour-intensive tasks.

All of our products are tried and tested by our highly-experienced sales team to ensure customers get the very best products. That’s just one reason why The Tape Store only stocks Leica Lino lasers.

Developed by Leica’s skilled design team and using only the most advanced Swiss technology, all Leica lasers achieve pinpoint accuracy with unique Power Range Technology™, feature self-levelling functionality, have a comprehensive 2 year warranty, full customer support and a choice of accessories. The Lino series are robustly constructed to withstand the rigours of a busy site and are IP54 rated (water and dust resistant).   

Leica prides itself on building easy to understand, user-friendly instruments and the Lino range is no different. Simply point and go - the lasers are ready to level or align wherever and whenever you are.  


A popular choice with professional and domestic users alike, the L2 is Leica’s best-selling internal laser level and, with a massive 15m range, it can be used for indoor and outdoor measuring jobs.


This compact laser is ideal for alignment jobs in hard to reach places and is incredibly popular with plumbers, electricians and other professionals who install cable or pipe runs on a daily basis. This three dot laser automatically levels to reduce errors and a multifunction magnetic adapter can be used to securely attach it to a range of objects for hands-free operation.


With advanced optics and a wider angle of emergence than the L2, horizontal and vertical levelling and alignment tasks are completed with ease with fewer setups required to complete the same amount of work. When combined with the optional laser detector, this self-levelling laser is operational in even the brightest of conditions.


The P3’s big brother, the P5 emits five lasers, set at perfect right angles to each other. Self-levelling and with a handy rotating multifunction adaptor the P5 significantly reduces the time spent levelling/aligning on complex internal projects - leaving you to do what you do best.


As the name suggests this laser combines all that’s best in the Lino family: a dot and crossline laser in one. This laser is ideal for users who regularly need to utilise the whole range of Lino functionality - plumb bob/alignment, internal set out, horizontal and vertical aligning, and aligning from an angle.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

The Tape Store stock the most popular models in Leica’s Lino range but if you have a alternative laser measure in mind and can’t see it in this section please get in touch and we’ll be happy to supply it for you.

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Why buy from The Tape Store?

As well as stocking the UK’s biggest range of measurement equipment, everything from pocket tapes, to lasers measures, to surveying instruments, customers buy from The Tape Store over and over again simply because we know what we’re talking about and we make every purchase, big or small, pleasant and easy to complete.

Our team know your tools

Our friendly team, many hailing from engineering and surveying backgrounds, understand what you need from your tools because they’ve worked in your shoes: on site, on track, in house and in the field. We stock measuring instruments from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, all tried and tested by The Tape Store team. Our insider knowledge ensures you’ll return to us time and again.

First-class treatment

At the Tape Store we want your buying experience to be first-class. Why? We believe if you invest in the best products you should also receive the best service. That’s why, alongside fantastic customer service, we offer free delivery and a no quibble 100% money back guarantee on our range of lasers.  

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All Leica Lino laser purchases qualify for standard free next working day delivery in the UK (between 8am and 5pm) providing you order before 2pm. This offer applies to all orders sent to addresses in England, Wales and 'mainland' Scotland.

100% money back guarantee

Under our no-quibble 100% money back guarantee if your purchase doesn’t arrive in perfect condition or it’s not suitable for the job you bought it for we’ll give you a full refund.