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Leica DISTO D510 Laser Measure

Price per unit: £348.00 inc. VAT

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Leica DISTO D510
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Price per unit: £348.00 inc. VAT

£290.00 ex. VAT

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Leica DISTO D510 Laser Measure

The Leica DISTO ™ D510 - The 200m range, waterproof DISTO ™ with Bluetooth connectivity, 4 x zoom digital Pointfinder and communication with iPad and iPhone devices.

Apart from the DISTO D810 Touch, the Leica DISTO ™ D510 is the only laser measurer in the world to feature both a digital Pointfinder and accuracy certified to ISO 16331-1 standards. When you consider that these features are combined with a waterproof, dust proof IP65 rated case and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connectivity for iPad and iPhone, you can really start to see that the D510 is a truly remarkable instrument.

Leica Disto D510

Features and benefits

  • 200m range outdoors
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity - pairs with iPad and iPhone
  • Digital Pointfinder with 4 x zoom
  • Multifunction end piece for measuring from corners/edges
  • 360° tilt sensor
  • Free App - DISTO ™ Sketch
  • Up to 5,000 measurements from one set of batteries
  • IP65 protected (water jet proof and dust tight)
  • Accurate to ±1mm - certified to ISO 16331-1
  • 3 year warranty
  • Large backlit display
  • Metric and imperial measurements to 4 decimal places
  • Can be paired with a tripod & adaptor for maximum accuracy
  • Last 30 readings store

Product video


Leica's patented Pointfinder is an innovative tool that allows the user to take measurements that are out of visual range. Perhaps you can't see the laser dot (remember, the D510 has a 200m range!) or it's obscured thanks to particularly bright sunlight. By pairing a camera with a lifelike colour display the user can aim at the object they want to measure to, zoom in (the D510 has a 4 x digital zoom) and capture the exact point within the cross hairs. They can then take accurate measurements well out of the range of any ordinary laser measure.

Tilt sensor

The 360° tilt sensor built into this device combines with the Pointfinder to deliver super-accurate indirect measurements that, again, are simply not possible with lesser laser meters. Measurements are possible even when there is no reflective surface upon which to target the laser pointer. Perhaps you want to measure from the ground to the top of a tall tree or possibly even measure to a point on a reflective glazed panel? The D510 completes these tasks with ease.

Height profile measurement

Thanks to the useful height profile measurement function there is frequently no need to use much more complex and expensive survey instruments to measure building profiles. Providing there is a known datum or reference point the DISTO ™ D510 can calculate differences in height and distance quickly and simply.

Smartphone-like interface

The user interface of the DISTO ™ D510 is designed more like the screen of a modern smartphone than a conventional laser measure. A real leap for laser measuring technology and one only introduced with this device in 2012, this provides the user with an incredibly simple way of controlling such a large and complex range of functionality.

Bluetooth Smart technology

By using the Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connectivity coupled to Leica's DISTO ™ Sketch app (included), users can pair their device with the latest iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 3) to produce floor plans, drawings and site sketches in seconds. Measurements can even be taken and then overlaid onto photographs before being emailed back to the office using your mobile device's 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection! A revolution in laser measuring technology, to learn more about DISTO ™ Sketch why not watch this short video from Leica?

Not to be confused with some of the lower priced DISTO ™ models, calculation functions of the D510 include...

  • Smart Horizontal Mode™
  • Height tracking
  • Indirect measurements (when no reflection is possible, e.g. the height of a tree or of a reflective glass facade) 
  • Pythagoras
  • Room dimensions
  • Stake out function
  • Triangle function (calculate multi-cornered room areas)
  • Area and volume calculations
  • Inclination measurement (360° tilt sensor)

Leica Geosystems Logos

Technical Information

  • Brand: Leica Geosystems
  • Accuracy: ± 1mm (conforming to ISO Standard 16331-1)
  • Name: Leica DISTO D510 Laser Measure
  • Length (m): N/A (Laser)
  • Metric Measurements: Yes
  • Imperial Measurements: Yes
  • Blade Diameter (mm): N/A
  • Blade Material: N/A
  • Case Material: Plastic (waterproof, high impact with soft rubber grip)
  • Hook Type: N/A
  • No. of Rivets: N/A
  • Standout (m): N/A
  • Range (m): 200m
  • Bullet Description: Incredible functionality & value 200m range even outdoors Bluetooth Smart connectivity 360° tilt sensor & digital zoom
  • Weight (kg): 0.4100
  • SKU: D510

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfied customer.

Posted by Caice, on Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Good fast free delivery next day as promised.

The laser functionality is great, we wanted both Bluetooth to intergrade with software and the advantage of the camera screen, both work really well.

Satisfied customer.

No Battery life

Posted by Milly, on Monday, 8 February 2016

Bought this when old disto packed up.
No battery life at all on this new machine. Need to carry spare AA's with you in case it packs up mid-survey.

The Tape Store says - Hi Milly, I'm sorry you've had an issue with your Disto. However, we don't have any records of selling a D510 to anyone with your name or anything close. Are you sure it was us you bought from? Did you buy under a different name? In terms of the battery life the D510 is rated at 5,000 standard measurements per set of high quality AAA batteries. If you are using the more advanced on-screen features (such as the external measurement functions, Bluetooth etc - functions your old Disto most likely won't have had) then the battery life will obviously reduce slightly. As with all handheld electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones), the more functions you use the less time the batteries will last. However, battery life is still excellent on these tools and we have never had a complaint from a customer to this effect. However, if you feel there is a fault with the unit and you definitely bought from us then please do get in touch. Your Disto has a 3 year warranty and we'd be more than happy to inspect it for you? Please do get in touch. Many thanks.

Fully loaded

Posted by Sarah Cripps, on Thursday, 17 September 2015

Not likely to use all the features on this but it's good to know that they're there if needed. The ability to use outdoors is outstanding as is the sketch app.

Fantastic Service

Posted by George, on Friday, 18 July 2014

I phoned for advice and spoke to Ian. I am a PV installer and the D510 that Ian recommended is perfect for the Job. It does take a bit of getting used to and the instructions are not that great, but one phone call back to the tape store and Sean phoned me back. With his expert help I am working my way through the product and getting better with it every day. If I need another measuring product I would go nowhere else but the tape store. Thank you for all your expert help.

A very versatile tool

Posted by Toby, on Monday, 10 March 2014

An excellent product that's head and shoulders above the competition. I will only ever buy Leicas now for my business. It's easy to use and logical and, coupled with the tripod and adaptor, is an incredibly versatile tool.

Five stars for the disto d510

Posted by John Dyke, on Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bought specifically to use outdoors - it can become difficult to see the laser dot outdoors so the digital zoom and view finder is a godsend. Ideal for measuring roof angles/pitch - being a solar panel installation company this comes in very handy. Granted this model is more than your basic disto but it's a considerably more powerful device. Excellent service and delivered the next day by a very cheery courier!

Amazing tool, good buy

Posted by Stefan, on Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Large screen, four times zoom and two hundred meter range. This is the best tool for measuring outdoors without using EDM. Really good for measuring indoors too. This is the first disto I have bought have using my employer's D5. That was good but this is amazing - it talks to my iphone and works really well with the tripod I bought from here. It was delivered next day free too.

7 products found

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