Calibration, Servicing & Repair

As the UK's leading retailer of measurement equipment, it's no surprise that we're also able to offer UKAS and/or manufacturer traceable calibration for the vast majority of our instruments. Whether it's a tape measure or a dumpy level, a moisture meter or a laser level, we can have your unit calibrated and back to you in no time. What's more, should any repairs or servicing be required we can do this too, making sure to clear any costs with you before spending a penny.

As The UK’s Measurement Specialists, we offer calibration services for a range of the products including...

  • Steel tape measures
  • Dumpy levels
  • Protimeter moisture meters
  • Laser levels
  • Cable avoidance tools & signal generators
  • Trumeter measuring wheels
  • Other survey equipment (quotes provided on request)
  • Other measurement equipment such as calipers, rules, torque wrenches etc. (quotes provided on request)

Book Your Calibration

Looking to book your kit in for calibration? Calibration costs are listed below as are shipping and collection rates. Simply fill in the form below, clearly listing the products you'd like to calibrate and we'll get things moving. We'll get in touch with you with a final quote before organising anything.

Calibration Costs

Our calibration costs (excluding any servicing or additional parts that may be required) are listed below. Should any additional work be necessary we will always call you before carrying it out.

ItemCalibration StandardPrice/ItemTime (avg.)Certificate
Dumpy Levels, Digital Levels, Line Lasers, Laser Measures Manufacturer standards* £39.95
(ex. VAT)
3-5 Working Days
Rotation Lasers, Pipe Lasers Manufacturer standards* £59.95
(ex. VAT)
3-5 Working Days
Moisture Meters Manufacturer standards* From £49.95
(ex. VAT)
3-5 Working Days
0-5m Steel Tape Measure UKAS** £105.95
(ex. VAT)
2-3 Weeks
5-50m Steel Tape Measure UKAS** £179.95 
(ex. VAT)
2-3 Weeks
51-100m Steel Tape Measure Traceable*** £295.00
(ex. VAT)
2-3 Weeks
Other Survey Equipment Varies On request TBC
Trumeter Measuring Wheels Manufacturer standards* £89.00
(ex. VAT) 
3-5 Working Days
*Calibration carried out to manufacturer’s recommended standards.
**UKAS calibration is carried out by a laser interferometer for 5 readings over the length of the tape on the metric scale only. If the imperial scale is required an increase of 20% should be applied.
***Whilst the same methods of calibration are used, calibration to UKAS standards is not possible on tape measures over 54m in length. However, all tape measures over that length are calibrated to acceptable, industry standard traceable levels. Please consult with your UKAS auditor as to this service’s suitability before purchasing.


You can choose one of three ways of getting your items to us for calibration.

  1. You can organise your own courier to collect the items from you. Important info
  2. We can organise a courier for you. Standard collection for most tools is £9.95 ex. VAT but certain larger tools (e.g. measuring wheels) may cost a little more.
  3. We send you a label and then you drop your goods off at one of thousands of UPS drop off points around the country at a time to suit you. £6.95 ex. VAT for most tools. Important info


Return shipping for the vast majority of calibrated products is £6.95 ex. VAT (£8.34 inc. VAT) for the UK mainland. Island destinations and the Scottish Highlands may cost more. Calibrated measuring wheels will cost £13.50 ex. VAT for return shipping. If you buy a measuring wheel from us and request calibration at the time of purchase shipping will be free of charge.


If you’re a public sector organisation (emergency services, universities, councils, government departments, armed forces etc.) then you can pay on account (30 days from invoice date). If you’re a private company or individual then you will need to pay prior to any work being carried out.

With tape measures we always take payment prior to carrying out any work. The cost of calibration far outweighs the purchase price of most tape measures. Taking payment up front insures us against the occasional customer who changes their mind after the calibration has already been carried out.

With dumpy levels and other surveying tools, we carry out a thorough assessment of your products before carrying out any work. All being well we calibrate the item and send it back to you as quoted. However, should our assessment highlight issues with your tool we will call you before calibrating the instrument or carrying out any additional work. You can then make a decision as to whether it’s worth calibrating or not. We will call you to take payment (either by credit/debit card or bank transfer) prior to shipping your items back to you at the rate quoted above.


It is important that your items are well packaged before they’re shipped. All items should be packed in a cardboard box with ample padding (bubble wrap or similar) and secured with packing tape. Low quality packaging frequently results in tools arriving with us in poor condition leading to additional repair work being needed.

If you’re sending a dumpy level or other survey instrument please don’t send it back simply in its carry case.

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Services Supplied Include...

We supply servicing, testing and calibration of all manner of measurement equipment with a formal certificate being issued to UKAS, traceable or manufacturer standards. Our most commonly used services include...

  • Dumpy level calibration
  • Optical level calibration
  • Tape measure calibration
  • Moisture meter calibration (Protimeter)
  • Laser level calibration
  • Measuring wheel calibration
  • Cable avoidance tool calibration - Cable Detection and Radiodetection
  • Signal generator / transmitter calibration - Cable Detection and Radiodetection
  • Survey equipment calibration